How to Write a Resume: For First Time Workers

Any first time worker can have trouble writing their first ever resume. Most feel overwhelm to write even the things about them because they know an employer has to review it. If you have skills to show off, don't hesitate to write a resume and submit it to employers. You can never know until you try. But still take note of these helpful tips:

Contact Information
Begin writing your full name in bold at the top of the page. Write your complete address (street, city, state, and zip code). Include your contact numbers as well as your email address. Make sure that the contact numbers you give are easy to be reached and the email address is what you often use. Don't use fancy fonts as resumes are professional documents. Center your contact information.

Write OBJECTIVE in boldface. Explain your objective in applying for the job. This also includes the type of job you are looking for as well as the reason you believe you are qualified for the job.

Experience and Skill
This part often written in list. There are different types of experiences like paid and unpaid/voluntary. There are also different types of skill set like Computer skillLanguage skillTechnical skill and so on. It is advisable to include the dates wherein the work experiences took place as well as where you got the skills you acquired.

Educational Background
List the schools you have attended starting from the recent. Include the degree you earned from college studies. You can also write your GPA if you like. List the high school and elementary institutions you have attended as well. Don't forget to include the years wherein you attend a particular school. For example:

ABCD College of Science and Technology
GPA: 3.67

You can include awards and recognitions you have received in schools, work places, and organizations you were a member of. Also mention if you've had scholarship and voluntary service awards.

List your references. Be sure that the people you put on the reference know you and you know as well. Write their full names and their job positions or your relation to them. Include their contact numbers such as phones and email addresses.

Your first resume can be really intimidating to write because you think you can't have too much to write on it. Avoid focusing on the lack of work experience and qualities you don't have. Instead, keep calm, follow the rules and present a clean and organized resume. 

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