Effective tips to get rid of annoying whiteheads

So you have mild to oily skin and occurrence of whiteheads has become a common feature on your face. Whiteheads usually appear on the T area if your face. Oily skin although, is said to be a blessing as it slows down the wrinkling of face and keeps the glow of skin intact, it can be troublesome as it leads to clogged pores resulting in the appearance of pesky whiteheads. 
Here are some tips as to how we could save our skin from these

Drink Water
Oily skin can become unmanageable at times hence it is very important to keep your skin free from toxins. Make it a point to hydrate yourself well every day. Drinking sufficient amount of water helps in flushing out toxins from your body and dissolving impurities, which in turn helps in controlling oil level of your skin.
Squeaky Clean Skin
Adhere religiously to the habit of cleansing, toning and moisturizing your skin everyday in the morning and especially before going to bed. Splash your face with fresh water at least two times a day other than morning and night ritual. Make sure that your skin remains free of dirt and dust as long as it is possible.
Exercise in Fresh Air
Head out in nature or a run go to a nearby park or join a yoga class but get your body moving. Regular exercise especially in fresh air enables the body to get maximum supply of oxygen. This will freshen up your skin and help in controlling whiteheads.
Steam Your Face At Night
Make it a point to take steam for your face at least twice a week at night. And wash your face with cold water in the morning. Since your skin is oily there is a possibility of clogged pores. Oily skin produces sebum in considerable quantity that is mainly notorious for whiteheads. Steam opens the pores of skin and lets impurities come out of there. Remember to apply a toner in order to close pores, else it can result in acne breakout.
It is vital to remove dead cells of skin by regular scrubbing. If artificial scrubs do not bode well with your skin type, then go for natural scrub made of lemon and sugar, almonds and walnuts or a scrub made from dried orange peel. These natural scrubs can do wonders for your skin remove whiteheads and prevent them in future as well.
Natural Face Mask
Applying a natural face mask made of Fuller's Earth or multani mitti goes a long way controlling oil content of your face and preventing whiteheads. When excessive oil is absorbed the whiteheads get dried and fall away. Use this homemade face mask every week for a flawless skin.
Keep Hands Off
You get irritated by your whiteheads on forehead and area beneath your lips and it is quite justified that you show your discomfort by touching and feeling that area. However constant touching can aggravate the whitehead tendency and can lead to the generation of even more of them, much to your annoyance.
Consult A Dermatologist
Nothing beats professional counseling and if you feel that your whiteheads are not being cured even after trying all these tips, do not delay. Make a point to visit a dermatologist and heed professional guidance as to how to treat your whiteheads. Then do a rigorous follow through of the treatment recommended.
About the author: Nelson Homes is a blogger for Hall and Wrye. For more information visit Hallandwrye.com/face/brow-lift.htm or follow him on Twitter.He likes to blog for beauty and skin care related topics.In his free time likes to research on various cosmetic surgery procedures.

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