Get your company registered in India - Quick and easy steps

Starting a business is quite easy right? Land, Labour and Capital. But there is more to getting started than this. In a country like India, where startups are popping out every next day, you need to protect yourself and your business from frauds and duplicity and make your company legally sound.

Company registration in India

But wait! Not every company needs to be registered. If yours is a sole proprietorship, i.e. you are the sole entity who earns the profit and pays the bills, then you are good to go without any registration.

To register any business practice in India, there has to be at least two partners and a minimum authorized capital of Rs. One lakh. Registration is also mandatory for public limited companies. All companies are registered under the Companies Act, 1956 and are granted a certificate of incorporation by the registrar.

So, to put it in simple words, while your local pan shop does not need a registration, your neighborhood food shack run by brothers does require one. So here’s how you can get a private limited company registered.


Your name is your trademark. To get your name approved you have to propose at least 6 alternative names as per name guidelines, just in case any is already taken. You also need to submit documents relating to your authorized capital, Return on Capital and details about your partners, like pan card, address, Director Identification Number and Digital signature. With these details you will need to fill up e-form 1A on this site and upload it. Now all you need to do is, wait for around a week to get ROC approval, if approval is declined you need to apply again in the same procedure.


After getting your company name approved, you need to fill up Form 1, 18 & 32 within 60 days. For this, you will need documents like your office address proof, No Objection certificate from the landlord, if any, an affidavit, consent letter and subscriber details.
company registration in india


After getting hold of the required documents and filling up the above mentioned forms, you need to upload them and pay for the basic government fees and stamp duty fees. Your company approval shall be done within the following week.

   So now you know how you can easily get your company incorporated. But if you are still not clear, you can always search on Google and find many organizations whose sole purpose is to get companies registered. So go on and make your startup legit.

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