In Relationship..? – 4 Ways to Tell if it Has Changed You

A relationship can change you for better or worse. How can you tell if your relationship is affecting you in a negative or positive way?

What Are Your Friends Saying?

Are your friends dropping hints? Others will notice things you may overlook. If your friends are telling you that you've changed, that's an important indicator. Listen to what those around you are saying. Friends are usually honest when they voice their opinions. It is hard not to be defensive or sensitive when people tell us, “you've changed.” However, if multiple people are saying this to you, it may hold some truth. You should also examine the type of people who are saying this to you. If you have a group of friends that are a bad influence or immature, it may just be that you have outgrown them—which may be a good thing.

Are You Comfortable or Complacent?

Lounging around in your robe or sweat pants while watching a movie or hanging out may mean you feel comfortable and relaxed when you're together. But, if you find you never wear anything but baggy clothes, it may be a sign you're too comfortable and don't care about your appearance. A healthy relationship is balanced. You enjoy being comfortable but still care enough about yourself to dress attractively. Sloppy dressing and poor hygiene can be warning signs of complacency or not caring how you look.
On the other hand, maybe your significant other has changed the way you dress, and you are always worried about looking nice and dressing up for them. While it's nice to have someone to get ready for, you don't want your partner to change your personality so much that it is no longer reflected in your clothing. The fashion experts at Reem Clothing say that we adapt the style of whomever we spend the most time with—whether we do it on purpose or not. Depending on who you are dating, this could be for the better, as well as for the worst.

Are You Grumpy or Happy?

If you feel happy about your life, enjoy starting each new day, and feel positive, you are probably in a good relationship. It's easier to love others and your life when you feel happy. The happiness you feel overflows to those around you.
If you feel irritable, tired, and struggle to get through the day, it may be a sign your relationship is pulling you down. Actions speak louder than words. If you say you are happy but walk around angry at the world, something isn't right. It may be time to take an honest look at your relationship.

Are You Pursuing Your Own Interests?

If you no longer take time to pursue the things you enjoy, it could mean you lost yourself in the other person you are involved with. Having your own hobbies and interests apart from the relationship is important for personal growth and will keep the relationship healthy.

Your appearance, emotions, and attitude are often a good indicator of how healthy your relationship with your significant other is. Take an honest look at yourself. Is your relationship changing you for better or worse? 

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