Modern Gifts for the Modern Woman

Fed up of buying all of the usual Christmas gifts for the women in your life? In our modern day and age women want to be given something modern; we’re no longer satisfied with the unoriginal ideas such as socks, chocolate and smelly sets that we leave next to the bath until somebody else bins them. This year treat your little lady to something special by selecting a present that actually suits her personality type.

 The Housewife

Who said you couldn’t give a gift for the home to a housewife? If you’re buying for a housewife, homemaker or a lady that likes to busy herself with baking, the running of the household is their main concern and so they’re often pleased with a gift that would benefit the home.

The best products that you could purchase for the women in your life that love to make your house a home include unique items such as:

A magnetic tea towel that you can attach to the fridge,

An adjustable rolling pin,

And my personal favorite – a chocolate fountain and fondue set.

 The Corporate Woman

The corporate woman is interested in advancing her career and focuses all of her attention on the task at hand – this means that when she isn’t working, she needs something reliable that will allow her to relax.

Some of the best items to purchase for a woman that is focused on her career include:

An E-Reader such as a Kindle,

A tablet or an alternative (iPad),

A new laptop or MacBook Pro,

A modest but efficient analogue watch,

Or if you’re considering something with a practical and less personal use – a fire proof filing cabinet may come in handy.

 The Sporty Woman

If the majority of the women in your life are fitness fanatics and love to spend as much time at the gym as they do with you, there are a few specific gifts that they would benefit from due to their extremely active lifestyles.

The perfect items that you could purchase for a woman with a sporty personality include:

A personalized gym bag so that they can’t confuse their bag with one that belongs to somebody else,

A wristband that tracks your mobility, the activities that you perform and monitors the quality of your sleep,

And last but not least – a drinking flask that calculates how much hydration you need and warns you if it believes that you are dehydrated.

The Girly Girl

The typical girly girl is interested in any pink or fluffy item, will inspect their appearance in a variety of reflective objects and will attempt to catch up on the latest celebrity new; girly girls also tend to spend more time socializing and researching the latest trends rather than take part in productive activities.

If you’re considering buying a gift for a girly girl, we suggest an item gift similar to one of the following items:

An ornate jewellery box,

Ornaments for around the home or within their room – this can include candles and fragile objects,

The gifts that you purchase don’t have to be expensive or extreme; sometimes something as simple as a case for an iPod that’s designed with your lady’s favorite character in mind can be enough to tip the scales in your favor.

The Artistic Type

A woman that is interested in the arts or is a creative thinker is possibly one of the easiest women to buy for as there are so many creative and interesting gifts available for you to choose from. Although, it’s because the range of gifts for you to choose from is so wide that you need to make sure that you choose a unique or interesting gift.

 Here are just a few gifts that you could purchase for a creative or artistic woman:

If your woman is interested in photography we recommend a bridge camera; this type of camera is a cross between a DSLR and a compact camera.

Books or a Kindle,

A new iPod or an MP4 player,

A set of sable brushes in varying sizes,

Or if you’re really looking to impress you could go for a slightly more romantic item such as a kaleidoscope necklace.

 There is an assortment of other gifts that you could purchase for your significant other or for the important women within your life; however it’s important that you take into account the interests of the woman that you are buying for and whether they already have the item or an alternative of a higher quality.

About The Author:
Anna Jones is the Marketing Executive for Esta Romi, an online luxury gifting retailer.  Outside of office hours, Anna is a keen squash and badminton player.  She plays semi-competitively for Stoke Park Badminton Ladies in Surrey. 


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