Top 5 Adventure Destinations of the World

Adventure isn’t about mastering a particular sport or escaping into the wild and learning hands-on. It’s all about committing yourself to a thrilling activity and enjoying it as best as you can. When planning an adventure vacation for family, one has to explore a couple of destinations and analyse the pros and cons of each place. Folks, who’re in constant search of fresh experiences every once in a while can check out the top 5 adventurous destinations of the world.

Iceland, Europe

From the warm Mediterranean climate to the amazing panorama of the Arctic Circle, the continent of Europe is rich in terms of culture, history, discovery, recreation, natural spots, historical sites, outdoor sports, excursions and bike trails. If you’re planning to visit Europe this season, consider visiting the frosty cold regions of Iceland.

While exploring Iceland to your heart’s content, you can take a dip in the lukewarm waters of local geysers, drive jeeps across the lava fields, ride snowmobiles on glaciers, enjoy water activities at the Blue Lagoon, go whale watching at Reykjavik harbour or click breath-taking photographs of the Northern Lights.

Alaska, North America
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The thrilling Alaskan journey begins in the pleasant months of June and July. Tourists can check out Denali National Forest and explore the wild backdrop of the Kenai Fjords National Park. Book a kayaking cruise to Derrick son Bay, go on a short rafting trip across the Matanuska River and enjoy the rich biodiversity scattered across local waterways, woodlands, mountains and glaciers. There are plenty of cheap inns and camping grounds for individuals with a slight wild streak.

Zambia, Egypt, Siberia and Tanzania, Africa
If you’re fond of participating in multifaceted adventures, you can consider visiting Africa in the months of November and March. An all-inclusive African safari includes sightseeing, space exploration, trekking, animal-watching, camping, hiking and cruising across Nile River. Untamed explorers can climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, which is the highest peak in Africa.

Embark on an awe-inspiring jungle safari in Zambia, visit Victoria Falls and travel around the mysterious islands of Madagascar. In addition to Cat Rafting Adventure at Sayan Mountains, explorers can also try fishing, river rafting and water sports. When you’re tired of all this adventure, you can stop by Pyramids, historical sites, museums and diverse villages.

Australian Outback
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A quick trip to Australian Outback lets you explore desolate wastelands and rich aboriginal culture. Travellers can try rock climbing in Uluru or take a self-guided heritage tour around the Flynn Trail, Alice Springs Desert Park, West MacDonald National Park and Araluen Cultural Precinct. Visit underground homes and mines at Coober Pedy and Silver City, go snorkelling in the azure blue waters or sail through the Willandra Lakes System.

Ecuador, Grand Canyon and Guatemalan Highlands, Central & South America

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Ecuador is the best place for those who’re fond of multi-sport adventures. The country houses a chain of forests, lakes, waterfalls, volcanoes, geysers and jagged trails for bike riding, mountain biking and horse riding. If camping and hiking is your thing, you can visit the challenging climbs of Half Dome, camp on the secured ground of the Yosemite National Park and browse through the barren cliffs of Grand Canyon.

Explore the colonial towns of El Salvador and Nicaragua, take pictures of feral Costa Rica wildlife, cruise along Lake Atitlan and enjoy local sports at Guatemalan highlands or Copan in Honduras.

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