How to Ask for Money from a Client

Gone are the days, when you needed to pay money on spot,to buy anything and everything. In the current world, you can enter a car dealership and walk away with a supercar without may be even paying a buck. This is because the cost of goods are rising and businesses are realizing that a huge category of consumers have the wish to purchase a commodity but do not possess the financial capability, hence EMI.
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Even in B2B model, where one buys goods worth thousands and lakhs each day or month, credit purchase and sale is a very common term. 
But the problem arises when you need to make that unwanted call asking your client to pay the money. It's awkward and it's irritating, but it's needed. So here's how you can place those unwanted calls without turning out unwanted.
1. Don't hide
When somebody owes you money, they are sure to remember it. So when you call do not try to elude the client in any manner. The moment they see your name in the caller id they know what you are calling for. So be frank in your statement. Say hello and explain you are calling regarding a payment.
2. Be polite
Just because they owe you money, you do not need to dominate. Try to ask them at any point between your conversation about how they are doing. If you know their family properly, ask regarding their health and well-being, because a good attitude towards your clients can help you generate future sales.
3. Send reminder texts and emails
Send a text and email to your client in an utterly formal manner to remind them before their due date, that on this particular date, they are expected to pay you. Mention the amount, and also attach a sample of the invoice or bill, if available. If the customer misses out on a payment, send them a text and email to let them know that you would be calling them at this hour regarding the payment.
4. Don't be harsh
Business is all about transactions, thus your client might not be able to pay you until they themselves receive a payment. But, this does not mean they will never be able to pay you. Try to understand their situation because sometimes it might be true. Being rude might take your chance for making future sales.
5. Set clear terms
While your client purchases from you, make the terms and conditions of payment very clear and give them a hardcopy as well as a softcopy of it. Also, get the same signed by them, stating that they have read and understood the same.
6. Communicate during business hours
Common courtesy is very essential in any trade. If you call your client at 10pm asking for a payment, chances are they would not pay you even of they have the money. Because, they will feel irritated that somebody is calling them at such an odd hour to ask for money, thus they would try to want to make you feel the same. So, always make your calls during proper working hours. If the client fail to receive your call repeatedly, text or mail them to let them know that you have tried contacting them, but there was no response from their side, thus they should contact you as soon as possible.

  It is hard making collection calls, but the key is  having the right attitude. Have a neutral tone when you talk. Do not try to sound rude, and never made the mistake to sound grateful. Because it is your money, you have the right to demand it, but simultaneously you do not want to come out as a money hungry person.
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