Top 6 Habits That You Must Avoid In Order To Protect Your Skin

There are certain protocols for skin care that we are advised to adhere to, since ages. These are considered to be beneficial for your skin, and we often stick to them without giving it a second thought as to whether they actually are a boon or notMentioned below are some of the common beliefs that we should discard in order to care for our skin better.

Scrub Your Skin Often To Renew Your Skin

Exfoliation for your skin is great, especially if your skin has been worn out after being exposed to dusty environment. However, it is recommended to pay heed to the frequency of scrubbing your skin. Excess of exfoliation leads to darkening of skin and it rips of the new tissues of skin if done more than twice a week. Hence, please understand that while sticking to cleansing toning and moisturizing everyday is a fabulous habit for your skin, scrubbing everyday can actually rob it off its youth and grace.

Wash Your Face As Much As You Can

Well, splashing your skin with fresh water is a healthy habit, and you can easily do it thrice a day. However using a face wash or soap to cleanse your face every time will harm the skin and steal its moisture. Make it a point to use face wash or gel with low caustic content and is skin friendly. Use a mild face wash once in a day and rest of the time stick to fresh water. Also be careful if you have access to only hard water in your house, if yes, do not wash your face very often with it.

Moisturization Is The Biggest Enemy For Oily Skin

People with oily skin often avoid using moisturizer as they have a notion that oily skin does not need any moisturization. When there is no external supply of moisture to the skin then it starts releasing its natural oils in order to keep the skin hydrated. This process leads to chronic dryness of skin thereby increasing the chances of a break out and irritation. Hence break this habit if it is part of your lifestyle already.

'I am Blessed With Good Genes'

Some fortunate ones who have genetically good skin do not pay much heed to skin care as they have a pre conceived notion that they do not need external care. While natural tendency of the skin goes a long way in determining how healthy your skin is or will be, it is not sensible to think that naturally good skin does not need the regular skin care regimen.

Drinking Lots Of Water Frequently Is Healthy For Skin

Okay, now before you jump to any conclusions after reading the sub heading of this point, please make note of what is being explained. The fact that drinking a good deal of water makes your skin flawless is absolutely correct, however it is vital to pay attention to the intervals at which you are consuming water. Drinking up very frequently can actually just get excreted from body without dissolving any impurities or toxins of the system.

Too Tired to Cleanse Face At Night

You are quite justified to feel drained out both physically and mentally after going through your grueling routine for the day, however do not be unfair to your skin by leaving make up on it or not washing it properly before retiring for the night. It clogs pores of skin, obstructing it to breathe, thereby increasing chances of ageing fast and various other skin troubles.

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