How to Ensure Healthy Growth and Development of Baby?

The new arrival of a baby is the most exciting moment and it is the starting of your challenging journey for your family life. Every parent desires for their little one to be healthy. There are several factors play critical role in your child’s growth and development. You can find rapid changes takes place in the development of your child such as crawling, teething, babbling, and grasping and all are in the first 12 months.

Research shows that first 3 years of life is the most important time period for the brain development. It is important to give your time, love and talk to your baby and this helps in building the strong pathways. Even the babies can sense stress and tension, and produce stress hormones as a result. So, take care of your little one in each and every aspect.
New born babies are vulnerable to the infections and physical injuries in the early stage of growth and development. It is the duty of new parents to protect their babies by providing them clean and neat environment. This really helps in preventing your little from coming in contact with potentially dangerous objects and situations.

Healthy and Nutritious Family Diet:-
•    The health growth of your child depends on the food baby eats. The healthy eating habits should be strictly followed because your child is prevented from dangerous diseases. Healthy diet means:
•    Eat variety of fruits and vegetables everyday
•    Make sure that your diet should contain good proteins and avoid fatty, processed meats etc.
•    Drink more water
•    Avoid food processed with salt etc.

Secured Attachment: - Attachment is the emotion of affection and care that little one’s have for their parents. The more attachment the more secure the baby is. Parents should respond to the baby signals (crying, smiling, crawling etc) immediately, so that baby feels safe. If you do not give response, then your child feels insecure and anxious. Helping your toddler to feel protected first is the right way to support your kid to become brave in future.

Play: - Playing with your child is quiet fun and exciting for both of you. It’s really a good time and also your baby develops many senses and they learn movement, communication and social skills.
Give your time for them to make them feel happy. Better you prefer to play on the floor than on bed or sofa. This is because your baby may not fell or roll on the ground when you are least expecting it.

Some General Safety Measures:-
•    Keep all harmful substances out of reach
•    Regularly check prams and other baby equipment whether any damages are happened
•    Better to stay away from blinds and curtains with dangling cords and also from power points.
•    Also, take away all the small or sharp stuff as baby tries to put most of the things into his or her mouth.
•    Smokers stay away! According to WHO (World Health Organization) children who are exposed to 
smoking have more chances of occurring heart diseases, diabetes and other kind of infections.

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