Effective Ways To Control Your Sweat Problem

You are just heading out of the gym or park after a good work out session and are all drenched in sweat. Quite natural. But when you are standing in the supermarket or having breakfast at home and still feeling the sweat trickling down your temples to your face and neck, it is most definitely not natural at all! While it feels great to perspire after a rigorous exercise schedule or after you’ve been intimate with your beloved, excessive sweating at other times indicates a trouble. More than half of the people in the US or even in the world suffer from the problem of over perspiration which is known as hyperhidrosis. Due to this condition you become overly conscious about your interaction with others as it is embarrassing when people notice sweat pits on your clothes growing larger with time

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Harmful Effects Of Excessive Sweating

  • ·         The body becomes very vulnerable to dehydration due to constant water loss.
  • ·         Excessive perspiration could lower the blood pressure suddenly without warning which could prove hazardous for the body.
  • ·         Continuous and uncontrollable sweating makes your body unclean most of the times which makes room for bacteria and other germs to breed
  • ·         The chances of body odor increases. The people who perspire too much often go to bed smelling to high heaven, despite bathing twice a day!
  • ·         Makes personal and professional interactions uncomfortable and embarrassing.
  • ·         You shy away from handshakes because they become clammy due to sweaty palms
  • ·         Feeling sticky with unmanageable sweat at all times is a bruises your confidence
  • So, in order to get rid of or at least reduce the problem of excessive sweating, the following tips could be followed by you:

Stay Away From Extra Spicy Food
Chuck eating those large sized pizzas loaded with hot spices and loads of dressings. The fried chicken which you are habitual of gorging on during your lunch time or that hefty steak which might be lip smacking, but could trigger the sweat glands all the more. The heat produced in the body aggravates the sweat glands to produce more of the same. And the foods rich in spices generate a large amount of heat when they break down in the body during digestion. So, try to stay away from green chilies and red chilies in excess to reduce the problem of over sweating.

Cut Down On Caffeine
Now, you must be quite addicted to the intake of tea or coffee on an everyday basis and it is understandable how essential it might feel to consume these beverages especially when you are in the middle of a stressful deadline or have to stay up late night to complete a project. However, drinking tea and coffee more than twice a day leads to water loss, resulting in excessive sweating. These beverages too make the sweat gland go on hyperactive mode and you perspire more than normal therefore your throat experiences dryness.

Hot Showers Are A Complete No-No
There is no doubt that standing under a hot shower and enjoying the de stressing effect it casts on you, after a hard and stress day of work sounds and feels divine! However, prolonged exposure to hot water is what makes the skin pores become larger than usual. Since the pores become clean and have no dirt to clog them, the sweat flows out of the body without any hindrance which activates the sweat glands all the more. Therefore, have cold water baths as frequently as possible. Not only would it seal the pores but would also make you feel cooler. If you must have hot water baths, take them at night because you sweat very less while sleeping.

Take Care Of Other Areas As Well
Your body has many areas which have a lot of sweat accumulation other than the pits of arms and knees. Your neck, hands, palms, legs and back also tend to become sweaty when you perspire. Hence if at all you use anti-perspirants, do not just use them under your arms or the knee area.

Switch To Clinical Antiperspirant
Natural sweating does not require treatments and any other clinical procedures. However, if you are actually suffering from hyperhidrosis then it is time you visit a professional expert of this area, most probably a dermatologist or a general physician. They would most probably give you a prescription of clinical antiperspirant which has better strength and long lasting effect to control the sweat glands. It is better to consider following a medical treatment for this issue since excessive sweating could be harmful for your health.

Include Cool FoodsIn Your Diet
Increase your consumption of foods like salads made from fresh vegetables and fruits, and eliminate thick and heavy gravies from your diet. Eating foods like cucumber, water melons, oranges and strawberries would keep you cool from the inside and therefore would reduce the problem of heavy perspiration.

Consume Salt In Fluids
Okay, it is not possible to reduce the amount of fluids you consume just because you sweat too much, as then it would disturb the entire balance and functioning of the body. However, adding a bit of sea salt in your glass of water would help lead to water retention in the body. By doing this, the body would get its adequate supply of water and the problem of sweating could also be controlled.

Stay Away From Stress
We all tend to perspire when we are experiencing stress or are undergoing a trying situation. So, if you are already a victim of excessive sweating, do not agitate it more by being under constant tensions and anxiety. Try to take things easy and follow up on a quick breathing exercise session in the morning, during lunch break and before going to bed. This would help you stay cool, composed and collected.

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