This Start-up’s idea to bring back the green in Bangalore is paying off big time!

Bangalore, once known as the Garden city of India has recorded 40 degrees Celsius this April. While many people are cursing the global warming and climate change for this harsh weather, a city based Start-up has taken it upon itself to do something about it.
Nexhop, a Hyperlocal ecommerce startup with operations across Bangalore is planting saplings throughout the city and in various gated communities for every transaction that takes place on its app.

 Ashis Mohanty, CEO of Nexhop said that “We plan to sow our 150th sapling by Monday and the response has been terrific towards this campaign”. People are responding to this noble cause and the firm has also tied up with an online Blog to promote the cause and get more people engaged.

Nexhop has also created a #tag #Bangreenlore to help people participate in the movement via twitter and Facebook, and get more saplings planted across the city and not just plant them but to take care of them for the next 1 year.

On a lighter note Ashis quipped  “ We are in the business of building trust in the Online marketplace by bringing Local Retailers in the Online world and we care equally for the real world in which the customer and the Store both needs to interact freely without fearing the heat or the Sun”. They say that although the sale of Air Conditioners have increased in their platform, they are more excited to plant saplings and reduce the carbon footprint to ultimately bring back the green in Bangalore city.

Here is a link to Video promoting the campaign to plant saplings across the City:

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