Five Recommendations for New Homeowners to Consider

You are a homeowner now, the Lord or Lady of the manor. You are also the person who pays for repairs. There is no landlord to call when things go wrong. Having a maintenance plan saves money you could be using to pay the mortgage. Now is the time to develop good habits when it comes to home maintenance. Combine this with some strategies for efficient energy use and you have a recipe for success.


If you plan to buy new appliances, then look for energy efficient products. Using less electricity means a lower bill. A cheap energy-hog of a refrigerator will need replacement in a few short years. You pay a little more to purchase the high-efficiency model, but you will likely have it for the next 20 years. In the end, the more expensive model costs less even before you consider the money saved to operate it.


A well-insulated attic allows the HVAC system to function efficiently. The insulation should be at least 11 inches thick. Measure it in areas that are not within easy reach of the attic entrance. Hard-to-reach spots often receive less material. Also, recommendations change over time.

Pest Control

Sharing your home with pests is not a part of the dream. Mice can fit through the smallest of openings. Check the perimeter of your home. Look for gaps that may be inviting to pests. Fill the smaller ones with caulking; larger openings may need repair before sealing them with caulk.

Prevent termites by maintaining the concrete barrier between the earth and wood. Hiring a professional to help prevent pests makes life easy. Hydrex Pest Control provides complete and thorough pest control services. Visit their website at to find out more.


Consider planting some shade trees. Your local nursery will provide advice on the fastest growing trees for your area. The shade provides an excellent defense against the summer sun.


Change the filter in your HVAC system. The unit operates efficiently when air flows freely. Learn how to inspect your home’s mechanical systems. The more you do for yourself, the less you pay. Learning how is easier than it ever has been. There are unlimited sources of information at your fingertips. Books, video, magazines, and online articles abound.

Homeowners enjoy life more when they save money. It makes sense to learn how. Take a proactive role and remember: When ignored, small problems often grow into big ones. Hopefully, the bright-side of your home’s inevitable problems will always be easy to see.

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