Save yourself from post-shaving pains with these simple shaving tips

There are many men who would complain of having a sensitive skin usually post shaving. It doesn’t mean that would or should stop shaving completely after going through a terrible time, they can instead amend their regular method of shaving. For guys with sensitive skin these simple and easy shaving tips would definitely save them from the skin irritation, razor burn, razor bumps and accidental cuts they face during or after shaving. Here are the tips:
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#1      The first thing to keep in mind is to grab the right shaving tool and hold it in a correct manner. Chose a razor that offers an excellent grip so that you don’t hurt your face with the sudden razor bumps in the process. The Gillette Fusion in market provides a brilliant hand grip that ensures a tight hold even in shower. Therefore, you get a closer shave without hurting your face.
2   #2    Always begin your shave by thoroughly wetting your beard and then apply a shaving cream or a shaving soap until lather. For men with sensitive skin, dry shaving will only bring more skin problems. A wet shaving enables a smooth and safe shaving; it also helps in removing the dead skin.  For better shaving experience lather the shaving cream and leave it for a minute. It will soften your beard and thus give you a smooth shave.

3   #3   If you have heavy beard make sure the shaving cream has properly reached the entire face zone you wish to shave. Use a shaving brush to cleanly reach each hair strand of your beard. The thicker the beard the closer is the shave required. So, use a Shaving razor that would give you a closer and more comfortable shave. The Gillette Fusion features blades that are spaced closed together that gives you a closer shave without much pressure.

4   #4   Know the art of moving the shaving tool. After applying the shaving cream keep in mind to not shave in an upward motion for it might irritate the skin cell even more. Shaving in the direction that hairs grow would create less friction and thus less irritation. Match your sensitive skin needs by going for razors that come with a built-in moisturizing strip.
5   #5   If you have an extra dry skin, apply a moisturizing pre-shaving oil prior shaving. It will not only soften your beard but also moisturize your skin.

6  #6  You don’t want your pimples to erupt every time you shave so you decide to avoid shaving until the pimples settles? But not anymore as there high technology available that ensures your sensitive skin is left without any harm. For those who have oily skin and are prone to pimples use electric razors as they create less friction and are more skin friendly than the ordinary blades. The Gillette fusion power offers an extremely close and comfortable shave, and is amazingly gentle to your sensitive skin.

7   #7  Give the finishing touch by dabbing required amount of aftershave lotion to relax your facial skin and finally apply a moisturizer.

Post-shaving can be a hard long hour to tackle for those with sensitive skin. With problems like skin irritation, razor burn, razor bumps and even bleeding pimples. However if followed a proper face care and appropriate shaving routine all these skin problems can be kept at bay.

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