12 Signs That You May be Pregnant

Pregnancy is a beautiful time in a woman's life and can be very exciting for both parties in a relationship. Its when you get pregnant unexpectedly however that can be a real scare. The worse part is by the time you find out sometimes, you are already pretty well in your first trimester and are absolutely stunned, with pretty much no options left but to have the baby.

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You might have seen those shows on TV about how a woman didn't know she was pregnant until she was 9 months in! That might seem crazy, but with several contraceptives nowadays actually interfering with your period, it isn't such an uncommon scenario. So to never have this situation occur to you, or if you're just playing it safe and want to know right away if you ever do get pregnant, there are several warning signs that you need to be aware of. If you see any of these symptoms, especially in multiples, a red flag should immediately be planted in your brain and you need to whip out the old pregnancy stick:

1.          Missed period. If you have been having regular menstruation before the pregnancy touch, you’ll discover total or partial cessation. Some women won’t see it within the first month of pregnancy while some will see it, but at a reduced quantity. This is why many people often associate absence of menstruation in any particular month with the possibility of being pregnant.

2.      Bleeding/spotting. It is normal to see some little drops of blood after you have missed your period. This varies from one woman to another, but in a general sense, it indicates conception has taken place.

3.           Sensitivity of the breast to touch. Virtually all women are sensitive to touch at the nipple area. On a normal day, a slight or gentle touch will mean nothing but pleasure to you, but when you are pregnant, you become over sensitive to the slightest touch and caress because pregnancy makes it tender. The pain you feel at that stage is an indication that something if fishy.

4.        Physical changes in breast. Apart from the sensitivity to touch in the breast, your breast might even become bigger and fuller as it is preparing for the fabrication of breast milk. Closely related to this is the fact that you begin to see some red/blue lines in the breast that look like stretch marks.  Also, there is the possibility of your areola region becoming darker during this period. This implies pregnancy has taken place. Sooner than later, you might be searching for a breast pump.

5.         Morning sickness. Most women experience this differently, but often times, you feel very nauseus and sick in the early hours of the day. You might suddenly wake up to be shivering, and feel all the ice in the world has been poured onto you or think you are being thrown into a snowy field. This is perhaps one of the most dreaded symptoms in the first trimester.

6.       Nausea and vomit. Most women experience this though at different degrees. Some women will throw up any food intake, and become sick at the slightest sight of food. For others, they may just feel the uneasiness of stomach movement. While some do not become sick and vomit out rightly, others have an upset stomach that can be quite pestering.

7.   Salivation and spitting. Some women can build up saliva for several hours continuously. The annoying thing is you can’t control it as it just keeps on building up in your mouth. Immediately you see yourself spitting out saliva uncontrollably, then you might be pregnant. Some people spit a lot even when they have common malaria. This does not mean they are pregnant. So, if you naturally spit when you are ill, you may need to check with your doctor when you are suspecting pregnancy.

8.      Frequent urination. It is believed that at the early stage of pregnancy and later stage, women visit their bathroom or toilet more frequently than ever. This is because of the unborn child lying or resting on your bladder. If you suddenly discover you are passing urine more than ever before, the possibility is pregnancy.

9.        Weakness. If you notice your body is asking for more sleep even against your wish, then you need to do a quick check up because fatigue is one of the signs of pregnancy. If you are the naturally strong and agile type, immediately you are pregnant, you can be sure of laziness because the normal day strength would have given way to general weakness.

10.     Loss of appetite. No matter how voracious you have been in the past, pregnancy comes with loss of appetite. You will discover that your favourite meals begin to irritate you.

11.        Pica. If you suddenly begin to crave for what you don’t naturally like, then you are pregnant. Some women crave for non edible things like match sticks and clay sand.

12.     Numbness of fingers. You will discover some of your fingers are either numb or painful to stretch when you become pregnant.

All these experiences vary from individual to individual. You may experience all or some of these symptoms at any point in the first trimester. Keep in mind that some birth controls, such as nexplanon can definitely mask these symptoms and delay your knowledge of being pregnant. It's always better to expect the unexpected rather than be caught blindsided!

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