Tourism in Haiti: Destinations That Should Be On Your List

Meta: Experience tourism in Haiti like no other by taking notes on these prime destinations.

A vacation to Haiti could be the cost effective getaway to that exotic destination that you’ve been daydreaming about. Widely considered by the world to be an impoverished nation that’s on the brink of a major recovery, the tourism industry in this small Dominican Republic has been revived in recent years, as the country and outside donor nations have pumped hundreds of millions of dollars into recreating the niche industry that this country once boasted. According a press release that was issued on, during the fiscal year of 2011, tourism in Haiti received more than 600,000 visitors, with about half being relatives of current citizens. At last estimate, the country hosted more than 3,000 hotel rooms, yet only an estimated 800 met the standards of the international travel community.

If a trip to this nation is on your agenda, know several things. One, you can make your dollar really stretch far here, a lot further than in other neighboring nations. Two, you may want to consider rental homes for vacations instead of hotels, depending upon where you are staying. And three, you will assuredly want to have a list of destinations in mind to better plan your trip. Under these premises, make sure you don’t overlook the following signature destinations, which can only be found in this delightfully unique Caribbean nation.

Bay of Acul: Head to the west coast of this nation and you will find the popular Bay of Acul. It’s so beautiful that you will almost feel like you are in a postcard moment or a picture jigsaw puzzle. Aside from the ornate waterfalls and vine strewn and mossy vegetation, it’s also got some history. Christopher Columbus rested here when he first landed on the shores, mistakenly thinking that Haiti was actually Newfoundland.

Amiga Island: By all means, at least plan a day trip to this illustrious island. It features its own private stretch of gorgeously preserved beach and retains all of the hallmarks of the crystal clear water that has inspired widespread appeal and has become the sure staple of the Caribbean. Nearby coral reefs and plenty of marine life await those who adventurously snorkel the coves and waterways here.

Petionville: This charming destination remains one of the most popular for tourists visiting this nation. It is located in the capital and features vast marketplaces, plenty of local attractions, seasonal festivals and nearby beaches. For that matter, Port-au-Prince is the most modernized region in this nation, and has reaped the benefits of the countless millions of dollars that have been pumped into reviving this republic to attract more tourists.

Lake Saumatre: This spectacular destination features two types of lakes that both converge: freshwater to saltwater. According to, it is the “largest saltwater lake in the nation,” and features countless types of marine life including crocodiles and flamingos. During the rainy season, the lake overflows and adjoins with the nearby freshwater lake, lake Xaragua, causing a vortex to be created between the two lakes, with one being fresh water at one end and the other being salt water at the other end.

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