Spring Dressing Tips for Today's Modern Girl

Spring is when the world is a happy place. Nature dresses itself in green, blue, red, yellow and every color imaginable in order to look beautiful. Where does that leave a girl? A modern girl at that? She can rival nature by her carefully chosen attires. Only, she has to use her imagination wisely. Not that we have anything against designer companies that spend millions to come up with something new and innovative year after year. You do not need a professional with a recognized certificate iv in massage for de stressing this spring; get your hands on one of these and you’re done!

Old is not so Old

Unless you are the new-found Jennifer Lawrence or the old hand Julia Roberts, nobody is going to look askance at you for being seen as last years’ fashionista. The trick lies in choosing combinations that are daring as well as traditional. In fact, you can even make do with last year’s fashion outfits altogether, if you were to be resourceful.

Not Strictly Seasonal

While going on shopping, remember that there are many clothing items that you cannot put a seasonal label on: they could fit into more than one season. For instance, a spring jacket can be said to be season neutral. You can wear it in summer as well without raising any eyebrow. 

Spring is Sharp

Spring is season for precision. The weather is pleasantly precise and so should the spring clothing be.  Sharp cuts are what is called for. If you look closely at the fashion models around the world, whether they are on the catwalk or off it, they all have sharp cuts in the clothes they are wearing, be it a shirt of a skirt. Unless you want to stick out like a sore thumb, go for sharp cuts. If you want to rebel, do it but by having sharper cuts than most people!

Soft Hues

Weather being bright, soft hues in dresses go well with the general atmosphere. Tradition also confirms the soft colors though you can always have dark edges but not overly so.

Girls and Flowers

Girls are synonymous with flowers and floral prints can never look odd on a girl. And, flowers prints could be viewed as an extension of the nature around.  Go for smaller flower designs; big prints tend to take on the look of a drape.

Neat Look

Spring is not a hot season and so you can go for stiff clothing items that would show the creases prominently thereby giving you a neat look, as if you have come out the Laundromat quite recently.

Feet and Shoes

Though you can even stretch it a bit in the case of shoes and wear flower-printed shoes as well, you must make sure they are synchronous with the rest of your dress. Since spring is not very cold, there is no harm in showing off some of your skin. What better instrument to do it in than a nice and elegant pair of sandals?   But, please make sure that you take extra care in getting your pedicure done by an expert before you wear the sandals.

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Jenny Corteza is a design enthusiast and a pinterest freak. Professionally she is a digital media marketer and fashion blogger. Her look of the day posts catch a lot of attention and she has been giving a lot of seminars on how to be an independant profitable blog owner

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