Healthy Eating for the Heart

The heart is your lifeline. The brain may go in coma and you can still live but once your heart stops beating, it can be the end of everything.
In 2008, a total of 17.3 million people died from cardiovascular disease as recorded by the World Health Organization. Many of these deaths take place in the low and middle income countries. By 2030, the WHO predicted the heart related death to be as high as 23.3 million.
Sadly, so many people around the world are aware of the factors that can cause heart attack and even know the ways to prevent it yet still they aren’t doing anything. This killer disease which is responsible for 1 in every 3 deaths among Americans can really be prevented through simple ways, like changing one’s diet.

Your Heart Health
Your heart health may be taking so many tasks if you are doing things normally yet aren’t doing healthy things in return. Say you do eat the right food but do not exercise. Or you may be you are exercising but you aren’t eating the right food and is keen on alcohol and smoking.
So what do you do now?
You should try doing the opposite of these things. Keep all the good practices and throw away the bad ones. Your heart though needs not only the right food and exercise but the proper supplement as well.  Remember, every 25 seconds, a couple of people around the world will experience a coronary event.

Common Heart Conditions
Our heart is probably one of the most worked out organ in the body.  By the end of a long life, the heart beats 3.5 billion times already. The most common heart conditions can be found in almost all countries all over the world.
Here are some common cardiovascular/heart conditions that prevailed all over the world:
1.       Angina. Angina is characterized by chest are tightness wherein a squeezing conditions can be felt. These can be a signal though of heart diseases.
2.       Congenital heart disease. This type of heart condition can be present at birth. This can be due to viral infection, medications and other chemicals. Mostly, it disrupts the proper blood flow.
3.       Congestive heart failure. This mostly occurs among those who are in their old age. It happens when the heart have already the difficulty of pumping blood to the body. It can be caused by previous heart attack, high blood, diabetes and others.
4.       Coronary Heart disease. This is the most common heart disease. This happens when the blood is unable to pass through an artery due to the plaque blocking the ways. This plaque buildup is called atherosclerosis.
5.       Inflammatory heart disease. This condition involves the inflammation of the heart muscles. It can be caused by immune disease, fungal infection or by bacteria. Its symptoms involve shortness of breath, angina, feet swelling and fatigue.
6.       Organic heart disease. This can be due to inflammation or the deformity of the heart thus it can’t function normally as it should.
7.       Pulmonary heart disease.  Pulmonary heart disease is called a right sided heart disease. It affects the heart after a lung disease. The blood flow to the lungs can be difficult which increase blood pressure in the lungs which as a result may have the right part of the heart to work harder.
8.       Ischaemic heart disease. This disease is characterized by a reduced blood supply. This is caused again by the atherosclerosis.
9.       Hypertensive heart disease.  This heart condition can be caused by hypertension which induces coronary heart diseases, angina, arrhythmias and heart attack.
10.   Arrhythmia. This type of condition can be characterized by a heart beat that is too fast, too slow or too irregular.

Symptoms of Heart Problem/Attack
Here are some symptoms which may tell you are heading for a heart attack. These symptoms shouldn’t be taken for granted. Once you have it, go check it up with your doctor.
ü  Chest pain. Burning discomfort in the chest. This squeezing sensation is oftentimes mistaken as heart burn but it shouldn’t be one if it doesn’t happen after a meal.
ü  Leg and arm tingling
ü  Vomiting and nausea
ü  Shortness of breath
ü  Jaw pain. Jaw pain happens because the nerves in the jaw have been attached to the same of those of the heart.
ü  Dizziness. This can be due to very little blood is getting to your heart already.
ü  Extreme fatigue. It is because your blood might be pumping too fast to the heart. 

Eating Healthy
Eating healthy is the best way to fight the heart ailing conditions. Eating healthy doesn’t only give you the right nutrients and vitamins; it also keeps you away from diseases since most of the healthy foods can offer your body and immune system some protection.
From various studies that have already been proven, some foods can be better than the others. These foods that contain the right fats, the right anti-oxidant and the right nutrients can shield your body, strengthen your heart and help you combat other diseases.

Heart healthy Foods
·         Salmon. The wild salmon in fact have all the omega-3 fatty acids which can help improve metabolic markers for a healthy heart. The wild salmon contains the long known heart healthy fatty acids omega-3 which strengthens heart health and can keep away other conditions.
·         Sardines. Same with salmon, the sardines may be small but it is very rich in omega-3. The same supplement that has been given by most fish oil that are capsuled.
·         Walnut. Well, aside from the fact that it’s a nut, which makes it very healthy, walnut, contains omega-3, vitamin E and folate. These very things promote heart health.
·         Krill. Krill are tiny shrimp-like creature that gets to be a whale’s breakfast, lunch and dinner. Even with its minute size, krill are packed with necessary nutrients to help fight heart disease. It contains heart healthy omega-3, more potent one compared to those of fish.
·         Calamari. Calamari or the squid is a known rival of fish and krill oil. It packs a heft of omega-3 but in a more environmentally friendly way.
·         Chia Seeds. Chia contains nutrients that can help fight heart diseases. It is a tasteless seed but is said to fill in your dietary needs and reduce bad cholesterol in the process. Reduction of cholesterol helps in fighting heart attack.
·         Oatmeal. Oatmeal is full of fiber and is very god for the heart.
·         Blueberries. Blueberries are filed with antioxidants which can help detoxify your body. It contains resveratrol and flavanoids that help prevent coronary heart disease.
·         Red wine. Red wine from grapes contains the resveratrol which can help prevent cancer, reduce cholesterol and help in arterial health but red wine can only be drunk in moderation, once you get pass 1 glass; you are not eligible for its health benefits anymore.
·         Green tea. Green tea has the capacity to reduce blood clots and also contains flavanoid.
·         Soy based products. Soy based products are always the healthier alternatives for other industry products. It contains flavones and is naturally low in fat.
·         Dark chocolate. Dark chocolate that has been containing more coca contains more flavanols which helps in lowering blood pressure and helps relax arteries leading to no heart risk.
·         Broccoli. Well, it is not already a puzzle since broccoli has already been cited as a very beneficial veggie. It reduces inflammation in the cardiovascular system and is heart healthy.
·         Brussels sprouts.
·         Cauliflower
·         Grapefruit. This contains lots of vitamin C and it can also reduce cholesterol but grapefruit isn’t advisable once you are taking Lipitor or Viagra since it can be toxic mixing with the mentioned medications.
·         Olive oil. An extra virgin olive oil contains the good fat and has all the anti-oxidants that keep your arteries free from plaque and obstruction.
Omega-3 and the Heart
As mentioned above, there are lots of natural foods that are mentioned due to the presence of omega-3 in it. Today, once you’ve heard of omega-3, people will often associate it with heart health which is actually true.

Other Heart Healthy Practices
·         Exercise. Cardiovascular healthy exercise can keep you fit and keep you away from heart disease. A simple run and walk in the morning or a visit to the gym can help you prevent one or remedy existing problems.
·         Get regular check up.
·         Get yourself medicated from your other medical conditions.
·         Eat healthy, overall.

What not to Do
·         Watching too much TV and sitting in the couch all day
·         Being too depressed
·         Stressing self out
·         Snoring
·         No tooth brushing or flossing
·         Being anti-social
·         Drinking alcohol
·         Overeating
·         Too much red meat
·         Smoking
·         Skipping meds
·         Eat too much salt

These things can just be simple things to do for your heart and eating healthy can’t just only be for the heart, it can be beneficial for your other organ system in your body. Simple exercises, eating healthy and avoiding all unhealthy things can be your start of heart healthy moves.

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