For the first timers: How to Apply anti-agers

So, you have found the right time to use anti-aging treatment? But, not sure on using it correctly by yourself. First of all I would like to ask if you have bought a perfect anti-aging cream for your skin type? If not, we'll tell you the secret in the coming article.
Well, when it come to wrinkles, spots, and other signs of aging skin, time is generally considered the enemy. But, using the right skin care at right time can bolster the benefits, helping you tackle the lines, and fade uneven skin tone much faster. But, how can you be sure if the one you are spending on is getting you the value for your bucks?
Don't worry, we have this cheat sheet for you to let you know the H's and W's of using anti-aging cream while getting the maximum benefits.
Sunscreen – a day moisturizer

Apart from a moisturizer, sunscreen are extremely important in day time—to save you from the harmful UV rays.
Spread a marble sized blob over every inch of your face, watching your eyes (do not let it come in contact with your eyes). The same amount is advised for your neck, hands and other areas which aren't covered with clothes. Make sure you do it before you dress up to avoid any staining. Now, wait for 2 minutes for it to absorb, before you apply your makeup.
Now, you might be wondering what has sunscreen to do with anti-aging? Being a beginner, you must know the anti-aging benefits of sunscreen. It saves you from the harmful UV rays that is one of the main cause of aging.

Anti-aging eye cream

If you have just began to use your eye cream. Follow these steps.
Take a bead sized eye cream on your ring finger.
Stroke it under your eyes starting an inch from your hairline and moving toward your nose. Then apply it once more on your eye lids starting from inner corners to outer corner.
Blend is gently unless the cream disappears. Remember not to massage or rub too hard, it can damage the skin around the eyes. 

Anti-aging Night Treatment

Night creams are generally the most effective. Make sure to Choose Best Over the Counter Wrinkle Cream in order to get the best results.
Before applying it, wash your face and dab it with towel while keeping it damp but not dripping.
Now, apply your best anti-aging cream. Anti-aging ingredients such as enzymes, anti-oxidants and retinoids penetrate more deeply on damp skin. But, the case is different with sensitive skin people, if you are in the sensitive skin camp, dry your face completely and wait for two minutes before applying any Night treatment.
Note: Treatments are more potent and spreadable than moisturizers, therefore use only a pea sized amount of it. Do not rush to use a marble-sized gallop in order to get instant results.

That's not going to happen. All anti-aging treatments take time to show results.

Body Moisturizer

After you have treated your face well, your body also tends to long for good anti-aging treatment. Therefore, massage your body with a good moisturizer on damp skin, right after you shower so that it can seal in the moisture. Here's no need to be a miser, use a good marble sized amount to apply on legs, arms and torso.

I hope, you don't overuse or underuse the anti-aging treatment in order to get results instantly. Take your time, apply your anti-aging products wisely to see the best in you.

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