Style Inspiration with Statement Necklaces: How To Wear

Finding inspirations that can also accentuate your everyday look, may seem like a daunting task, but the secret lies in your style picks. Own a signature style by creating bright and beautiful looks; while keeping it simple and elegant. "I just love doing that!" Another styling accessory that defines my 'love for fashion' is a: Statement Necklace. This key to making an outfit look fabulous is by pairing it with a perfect statement necklace. Statement Necklaces have been a big trend for many seasons.  A bold statement necklace can also add drama to even the most basic outfit!

"I am a big fan of this bold and beautiful accessory; because it helps me to transform even a simple button-down shirt into a chic and stylish look." Looking beautiful is all about feeling it first, from the inside; but sometimes we do not dress our best, or even appropriate for the exact occasion; that's when these accessories can come in handy and make your dull outfit- turn heads. "I can never have enough of this essential piece of jewelry!" These are one of those items that you absolutely need in you closet for the immediate-pick-ups.

Statement Necklaces come in so many different styles, that you will be confused to pick one! So, here is a quick reference of the types with pictures.

1. The Bib


2. The Geometric
                                                                 Image Source:

3. The Bright Gems
                                                              Image Source:
4. The Collar Necklace

                                                              Image Source:

5. Bubble Necklace

Image Source:

Prepare yourself to make a stunning style statement by pairing your outfit (whether formal or casual) with a couple of flashy pieces. You can always keep your look subtle with a single piece or make a statement by adding a bold necklace.

This 'bold' jewelry can give a new and fresh look to any outfit (of any season)- be it a basic tee, or a business formal! Adding a jewelry can complete and compliment your look; the trick lies in choosing a perfect one, and a statement necklace is the best choice.

Accessorizing can be an easy task in fashion; an inexpensive, and effortless way to look your best! It also adds versatility to your wardrobe and inspires you to stay-your-best in any circumstances.

Now that you have added these bold and beautiful pieces of jewelry to your wardrobe; it is time to know, how to wear statement necklaces with different outfits. As I have mentioned earlier, it can go with any type of outfit; I want to share few of my favorite outfits that looks stunning when paired with a statement necklace:

1. With a Dress

2. With a button-up shirt/blouse

I have had always loved this idea, because I love to wear shirts, and this is such a beautiful way to create a personal style statement!

3. With V-necks

This not only highlights your neck area; but also helps to hide your extra skin (if you do not want to highlight) around the neck. Layering of statement necklaces, can also help to keep all-the-attention on your jewelry; rather than on your wide shoulders, or on your midsection.

4. With Turtlenecks

5.  With Basic Tees and Sweatshirts

Make a simple outfit more interesting by adding a statement necklace. Hope you will be able to choose and style this beautiful piece of jewelry from the above inspirations. Do leave me a comment and let me know if you like statement necklaces and how do you like to wear 
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