Andaman Trip For The First Timers - A Quick Guide

From the multicultural town of Port Blair to the sexy white beaches of Neil and Havelock Islands and the amazing walk through limestone caves of Baratang, the beautiful Andaman offers something special for every tourist. 

  • Timing in Andaman tour is very important. October-May is the best time to visit Andaman. 

  • Try to stick to the driver’s instruction as they are your best buddies for the trip.
  • You must adhere to the timing given by the company or your tour manager for convenient and comfortable tour.
  • Follow the check in and checkout time mentioned by your hotel. In case of early check In and late checkout please mention in advance while booking the package. 
  • Travellers travelling to Baratang Lime stone cave must carry caps to be protected from sun, and enough of sunscreen lotion.
Baratang limestone cave

  • On a trip to Baratang Lime stone cave and Redskin/Jolly Bouy Island try to avoid heavy and tight clothing as trip requires certain flexibility from the travellers.
  • Wear good pair of sport shoes during Baratang trip.
  • Low luggage is always an easy journey! So, travel light.
  • Carry good pair of swim suit /dress during your visit to beaches.

  • Temperature 22 to 35 degrees throughout the year in Andamans. So be ready to enjoy the weather.
  • Always take care of your personal belongings, electronic gadgets and travel documents.
  • Do not leave any personal items in ferry or vehicles.
  • Follow the instructions placed on each beach or monument. This is most important. Make sure you book your trip with the Best Travel Agent in Andaman .

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