Back Pain: The Price We Pay For a Sedentary Lifestyle

Have you ever considered how much you sit during a day? Considering that you are reading this article on your laptop or smartphone, it is safe to assume that you are presently perched on a couch or a chair comfortably. Right? Apart from that, most working people spend a major part of their sitting. We begin our day from driving to work, sit there in front of our computer screens for at least 8 hours and then drive back to work. Who doesn’t like to relax after a long day of work? After getting back to home from work, most of usually unwind on our couch in front of our television sets and then go back to sleep. This is a standard routine most working people follow for 5 days a week. But did you ever think, what is the price you are paying for this sedentary lifestyle? Let us tell you!

Back pain - for the first timer
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Problems caused due to sitting too much…
We are all guilty of a sedentary lifestyle, which prevents us from conditioning our bodies. Being inactive causes “sitting disease” which is capable of putting our lives at risk. Many researches shows that less physical activity is one of the major contributing factors for heart diseases, diabetes, cancer and obesity. Apart from that prolonged period of sitting leads to back problems because sitting makes our lumbar spine bear heavy forces from our body. Inactivity further stiffens our lower back. Back pain is becoming increasingly common these days, especially in youth and working people and our sedentary lifestyle is the cause of this oh-so-terrible problem.

How to get rid of back problems by changing our lifestyle?
Our lifestyle choice from lack of exercise and nutrition or habits like smoking to our incorrect posture or stressful routine is the root cause of facing back problems at an early age. Therefore, changing our lifestyle can prevent as well as treat most of our back problems. Take heart the following instructions and achieve a pain-free back.

Move a little

work out- for the first timer
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Kick start your day with a sweat session. Some cardio and stretches will not only help you maintain your body weight and optimize fitness levels, but will also be really helpful for your back problems. Exercise strengthens the back muscles and keeps your body in shape so that your spine is able to support the whole body.

Improve Posture
right sitting posture - for the first timer
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Being a screen queen results in a sloppy back with strained muscles. Wrong posture for prolonged hours is the major cause of back problems. But the problem has a quick and easy fix. There are exercise especially intended to correct body posture. Wedge pillows and Posture correctors also benefit a lot for correcting the posture.

Stop Stressing

Absence of peace of mind can torment your upper back and cause unbearable pain. Try to keep negative emotions and mental stress at bay by means of music or any other activity that makes you happy.

Adequate Rest and Sleep

sleep well for good health - for the first timer
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Lack of stress and improper sleep can aggravate your back pain. Seven to eight hours of peaceful sleep will surely help with your back pain and other health related problems. Also pay attention to your sleeping posture in order to prevent a sore back when you wake up. Mattress wedge aids proper posture and treats back problems. 

By following these back healthy lifestyle options, you can bid goodbye to an aching back for good.

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