Customer Onboarding: 4 efficient ways for Startups

Customers are the soul of every business unit, since every cost incurred can only be retrieved by selling a product or a service to prospective consumers. For this very reason, it is highly crucial for enterprises to ensure that their customers at offered with a compatible and exceptional shopping experience from the very beginning.

Customer onboard - for the first timer

Customer on-boarding, in the simplest sense, is the process of getting new customers acquainted to a company and its product or services, in an organized manner. This, is a very effective process for startups to make their customers aware the various features and functions offered by them, their USP’s, goals and milestones, and also to build a trustful relationship.

 In this modern day virtual world, most startups are mostly connected with their customers via the internet, so an effective method to connect with customers can not only enhance the brand image but also promote sales.  Four effective ways which can be adopted by every startup to build a good rapport with their customers can be distinguished as:


Offer your customers with a compact tutorial, explaining them the entire process of using the application. When first-time users are offered with a user-guide, it makes it easier and less time consuming for them to understand and use the application. You can simply get the customer acquainted with the help of a video tutorial or you can use pop ups to get the user acknowledged with your product.
     Whichever way you opt for, make it a point to showcase the features and benefits of your product while offering a tutorial to let the customer know of what they can achieve from using your product. Live chat windows can also be used to offer immediate help of any problems faced by users.


One can say that customer on-boarding begins the very moment a customer signs up on a network and receives their first mail from the company. Fabricate a good introduction on behalf of your organization, welcoming customers on signing up on your portal and offer them a quick link to a start-up guide to help them get acquainted with your company and its offerings.
Post introduction phase, be in touch with your users with forwarded emails letting them know of the latest happenings and updates on the site. Useful emails carrying worthwhile information helps customers to keep track of the best things you are offering without having to try for it.  Forwarded emails are also a great way to provide the customers solutions to problems they might be facing or even provide a detailed guide to a user interface.


Research has shown that maximum customers of any business are repeat customers. Providing customers with user surveys or a rating option or even a simple complaint box can help the company analyze the problems faced by their users and acquire useful solutions.
  This method creates the perception in the customers mind that they are being heard and their problem or query is being given adequate importance. Not only does this helps in decreasing the communication barrier but also enables enterprises to trace their flaws and take necessary steps to rectify them.


An analytical tool helps you understand your customer’s preferences and show them products which might interest them rather than offering every product or service listed. With the help of a good analytical tool(Google Analytics/ Kissmetrics) you can access the current market trends and distinguish the preferences of different customers and communicate your services to them accordingly. Not only is this time saving, but also helps companies showcase the correct products to the correct prospect and helps in keeping users engaged in the portal.

 Customer on-boarding is a very useful method used by organizations to stay connected with their global audience. It helps create a good relationship with a new user and is beneficial in rendering future sales.

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