Tips to ask a guy out on a First Date

This is not a usual scenario when a girl has to ask a boy out. But it makes sense when the girl has feelings towards the guy but the guy is not up to that level to understand or the guy is afraid to express. In such cases girl can become the ice breaker to start the relationship.

Asking a guy out -

If you have feelings for a guy and you want to ask him out, but you aren't sure enough how to go about it, you will surely need some help. You might feel scared, intimidated, shy, or maybe you just don't know where to start. Here are the steps which will definitely help prepare you for the best possible outcome.
Ideas to ponder:

1.    Go ahead and ask him in person .Its always better than any other communication medium like email, text or crumpled note or else he may think that it's a joke or not take you seriously. Be in the right place at the right time as you are the one who is asking .Check out for a good place where you can actually have a conversation.
2.    Make yourself feel comfortable around him and vice versa. Go slow .Take the time to get to know him better as well as let him know about you . Spend time with each other just talking and building up trust. You've to first get to know each other better as this will help in building a better relationship.
3.     Keep the dress sense. First time when you plan to ask the guy out, make sure to wear an outfit that gives you confidence. This will make you feel more comfortable and give you the courage to make your move. Never wear a dress that makes you feel self-conscious, such as a tight dress or a low-cut blouse. You need to appear relaxed and comfortable when asking him out.
4.    Initiate from your end. Sometimes, many guys are too afraid to walk up to a girl they're interested in and ask her out. So be prepared and take the initiative, especially when it's clear that he likes you but isn't doing anything more about it.
Walk up to him slowly but don't freak him out, and introduce yourself if don’t have a formal introduction before. Even if you know the guy very well, still walk up to him and make small talk. If he seems receptive when you introduce yourself, keep on talking to him.
5.    Use the ice breaker .Make small talk with him. Break the ice by commenting on something about the place or event you're at. Just try to get him to feel comfortable around you.
6.    You must have heard that eyes can speak thousand words. Make eye contact with him. While both of you are talking, make eye contact and try to hold it for just a little longer than you normally would - just a second or two, not too long. If he makes eye contact back, he's probably interested in you.
7.    Get to know him better. Ask him things like what he likes to do, what his favourite kind of food is, or if he likes to play sports. Asking such questions that encourage him to open up, you can find out more about him to determine if you really want to ask him out, and you might also find out whether or not he's single. From this, you can set up the conversation to ask him out. Don't sound this conversation like an interview for a company. :P
Girl First Date

8.    Start flirting… ;) This can mean laughing at his jokes or being more attentive in listening to him. Be playful and indicate that you're interested. Compliment him! For example, you could say something like, "I like the color of your shirt!".

9.    Make sure you're alone before asking him out. Never (for example) ask at a table surrounded by a group of friends. Society still feels that the guy ask the girl out, so if he says "yes," he may feel foolish in front of his friends. Or he may reply in a certain way out of obligation, not out of genuine feelings.
10.  Ask him out. Once you find that you both have something in common, ask if he'd like to go out together sometime. But it's a good thing to do and the chances are that he'll say yes if you've read all the signs right. Don't just rush up to him and say the words or ask a friend to ask him out for you! Guys hate that; it is embarrassing!
Think for the first time
11.  Ready to listen No as well as Yes.
  If it’s a NO:  If he says no, don't get upset and remember at least you made an attempt. Maybe sometime later the guy himself walks to you and change his mind if he is not committed.
  If he says YES, plan to have fun. This isn't the time to get all serious and see wedding bells. It’s the time for you to get to know one another, enjoy each other's company and maybe later discover that you're compatible.

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  1. Asking a guy is of course a difficult task . This situation also makes a girl nervous . These points mentioned in the article really can be a great help . Thanks . Happy writing.

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