6 Useful Tips To Dress Right For Business Meetings

Research has shown that it takes exactly 6 seconds to develop an opinion about somebody. Some when you go down to meet potential clients and investors, dressing right just might help you to crack the deal.

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Some might feel that it hardly matters how you dress if you are a smart ass and people charmer. But the thing is, there are gazillion more smart asses out there, ready to do anything to get things done. So take down these tips to dress right and look like a professional at all times.

Get your colors right
You might like Pink, Purple, Yellow and Blood Red. But, business meetings are not the place to show off your sense of style. The key to get it right is to understand, how you would react if somebody wore the same thing you are planning to wear. Always go for sober colors, and if you want to experiment, give your look some balance. If you are wearing a bright colored shirt, go for light colored bottoms. This will soothe the eyes of your viewers and give balance to your bright colored shirt or bottoms.

Be presentable
While you might think people do not notice the small things, but usually they do. So if you are wearing an un-ironed short or un-polished shoe, you just might have to face the consequences. Always make sure your shirt’s collar is crisp and it is tucked in. Men should only wear shoes and formal sandals to work, whereas women should opt for shoes which are not glitter, but has neutral colors and gives a sophisticated look.

Dress to please
That thing that people say about dressing up just for yourself, that goes right out the back door the moment you enter the corporate world. If you look beautiful it’s because you want to please people. Nobody wants to works for 10 hours with a tucked in shirt or with a patch of makeup on. But it is essential, because that is what makes you presentable in the public eye. If you are applying makeup, do not overdo it. Your apparel should be always clean, so in case you might put ketchup on one, make it a point to carry an extra. Your hair should be combed neatly and your face should not look exhausted or tired. So when you are off to attend an important business meeting, splash some cold water on your face, to get a refreshed look.

Wear what fits you right

Do not buy formal clothes based upon the idea that a larger size will help you wear it for a longer time, or a smaller size would bring out your great body. Only wear what you are 100% comfortable in. From job interviews to business meetings, your judges for to see if you are comfortable in what you are wearing. Try out the clothes multiple times before you buy them. Walk, sit and relax and see how good you are feeling in the. For men, see that your bottoms are not too tight as that might give the wrong impression and as for females, move around in your topwear to ensure to holds right to your rack and does not reveal the unnecessary, even when you need to bend down.

Get the right dog tie
When all feel that ties are like dog leash, tied to our necks by the corporate. But, it doesn’t harm to wear a good looking one does it. At certain companies, it is essential for male employees to wear ties. If you are faced with such a situation, buy ties that not only go with your favorite shirt, but many others too. A good way to do this is to Google which colors goes with the color of your shirts.

Dress like the top management

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All this time we told you to dress like a professional. But, the truth of the matter is, if your boss likes to wear jeans to work for comfort, nobody in your office can point a finger at you for wearing jeans. Because, who is going to question the boss, right? Similarly, if you are the owner of the company, lead by example. Do not come to work in your pajamas even if you can, because not only does that set a casual work environment rather than a formal one, but your employees might just turn up to work wearing, belly bottom jeans and you will not be able to point a finger at them.

When it comes to being a professional, your attire will always speak ahead of you, even before you open your mouth. Nobody wants to do business with somebody who attends business meeting with a stained shirt and ragged shoes. Similarly, nobody wants to do business with somebody who wears all the jewellery in her wardrobe to business meeting. Always remember to dress right, but also remember to speak right, because your clothes might give a vague idea of your background, but it is ultimately your words that define you.

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