Importance of organic baby toys for your kids

Toddlers and babies explore the world through their mouth. You will see that anything that has been given to them, goes right in their mouth. Whether trying to ease the pain of teething or learning about the environment, babies like to feel the way things taste. If you have a young baby at home, chances are that you may have an array of toys and apparel to please your baby. But are they natural? Do you know what substances they contain? Well, non-organic toys likely contain toxic chemicals.
In order to avoid such toxic toys, it is important to know what’s in our babies’ toys. Plastic toys likely contain dangerous elements. This is why parents should aim for environmentally friendly toys for kids and toddlers. Let’s find out which baby toy’s materials are non-toxic and how these organic toys are safe and beneficial for your youngsters.

Why Choose Organic Toys?

·       Mental Health

Organic toys are not operated by batteries of cells, they have an open-ended approach. This type of play keeps the child interested in the toy for many years and fosters creativity. Unlike battery-operated toys that can over-stimulate a child with special features, just a single button in organic toys can encourage imagination from a child’s part.
Different features in an inorganic plastic toy distract the creativity and thoughts. But with quiet and non-battery operated toys, the child is open to imagine the countless possibilities focusing on the calmer and safer version of toys.

·       Physical Health

Studies show that plastics are negatively affecting our health, especially the health of toddlers and kids. When children take these toys in their mouth, they are exposed to diseases that can give birth to several health problems in their body. Other than several kinds of toys, plastics toys are one of the most important toys that pose serious health injuries and threats to the children.

·       Environmental Friendly

Plastic toys contain PVC and they are likely responsible for creating pollution in the environment, because they may release hazardous toxins into the water and air. When toys are made, they are mixed with other chemicals than just PVC to make them acceptable for children.
When these plastic toys are thrown outside, especially the battery-operated ones, they discharge dangerous chemicals like acid into the environment and pollute it. Toys made of bamboo, wood, rubber etc are mostly  recyclable and, most importantly, their disposal can be gentle to our Earth.

Safer Alternatives

Now that you know, how organic toys are better for your children, here are some safer alternatives for your toddler.

·       Wood

They toys do not chemicals and are traditionally hand-crafted. They will not affect your baby’s health, even if they put it in their mouth, as they are made up of natural resources.

·       Rubber

Rubber requires very little processing. This is why it is considered safe for the environment and is socially sustainable.

·       Organic Cotton

With the issues of traditional cotton farming, it has become necessary for company to follow the strict standards of cotton. These standards make organic cotton safe for use for your baby toys.

Now that you have got to know which toys are good for your toddlers, ensure you buy the organic ones.

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