9 PR Tips That Anyone Can Use To Promote Their Business

Public Relations is notorious difficult to define, though advertizing agencies have distinguished it as the art of promoting a brand, event or cause to the general mass by creating a buzz or by creating a brand image on the public’s eye. If yours is a startup, PR is the way to go to create an image for your brand and product and to gain more prominence. Few easy tricks to get easy mass prominence are listed below.

Give yourself an edge
The easiest way to stand out of the crowd, is to do something hat ke. Remember the Uninor ad, the featured in almost every billboard with nothing except the logo? That created a buzz in the media, why? Because everybody had same question, what is that? So, when you start to promote your startup, don’t do the same thing that everybody is doing, do things a bit differently. Say, your brand is planning to sell clothes for toddlers. Rather than promoting is as a shop for kids clothes, advertize yourself as a cloth shop for healthy kids clothing.

Mingle right
Socializing plays a huge role in PR. With the right press, you can reach out to the right audience and promote your brand. So if you want to handle the PR for your clothes shop, pay visits to events and fair that promote other clothing brands. If you can build up a good rapport, chances are they might promote you as well.

Master the art of story telling
When you pay a visit to any gathering on behalf of your company, the first thing people ask is, tell us about your brand. So, utilize this. Don’t just say we are a clothing shop for toddlers. Say we are a company located in XXXX, founded by enthusiastic mothers, who want to produce healthy clothes for every child. Tell little bit about your history, why you decided to open shop, some achievements you have had, your company goals and objectives and a bit about your business plan.

Celebrity Endorsements
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What you cannot do for your brands even by making numerous ads, a celebrity can do that and more just by sporting you. Find an endorser who has the ability to promote your brand. Like for your clothing shop for toddlers, a teenage rock star might not work out. An endorser is one to which your target audience can appeal to. So if a celebrity mom or dad endorses your brand, people can relate to that.

Put your best foot forward
When you go to rub shoulders with the high profiles in the business, you need to show them that you got what it takes to make it big and you know about the trade. Because they can not only promote your brand, but just might turn out to be your biggest investors.

Support a cause
 When it comes to good PR, nothing works wonders than a good cause. In today’s world where everybody wants to reach the top, if you show you the spine to help others prosper with you as well, it would be highly beneficial for you. Think of Bill Gates, a man who owns billions is throwing millions into the Indian economy to help India come forward, but what is he getting in return? Good PR. So if you want to get some good PR how to go about it. The easiest way is to get hold of a current affair and raise your voice on it. Say, there was an accident where some children expired. Raise your voice to the issue saying Todlothing is highly disturbed by this and wishes speedy recovery to the families of the demised. Some might find this cheap, but at the end of the day, you will get promoted.

Have a social presence
To be talked about is what every startup aims at. So to increase your bond with the public mass you need to have a social presence with your blog, site, Facebook page or Twitter handle. This gives people the chance to get to know more about you, what’s new with your brand, what do you do, where are you from and how established are you. If you have your app, get good reviews from customers with nothing less than 4 stars, so that you can increase your app downloads.

Make your own mark
Mostly, brands gain recognition based upon their owner. Think of it, Apple was famous even when Steve Jobs was thrown out of the board and is still famous for him after his death. That’s because Mr. Jobs created that kind of aura about him. He positioned himself as an innovator and to this day he is still one of the best innovators the world has yet seen. So if you want people to talk about your brand, give them a reason to talk about you.

Always be updated
In recent times if you want to make your mark you have to be up to date at all times. Say your clothes shop brings out eco-friendly toddler clothes and you gain a huge hype. You cannot stop at that, because what you did now, 20 others would do the same and may be better in 10 more days. So you have to constantly innovate yourself and be on the top of your game.

Public relations, although aims at enhancing the relation between the company and public, it is always general in nature and is not subjected to any single person. Before you start your PR campaign, build your strategy and verify its potential to help you reach your objective.

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