Preferring Shower Screens Over Curtains For A Brighter Bathroom

Perhaps, the bathroom is the most relaxing and peaceful corner of the house. You spend the most precious moments of your day in this place. This means that you cannot overlook the remodelling project of your bathroom. During remodelling, you must think of installing shower screens instead of hanging those shower curtains. These screens are the latest fashion and are much safer than the curtains.

Some compelling reasons to install glass shower screens have been discussed for you as under-

Why to install a shower screen in your bathroom?

1.     Instant WOW factor- Yes, you heard it right! If you have installed a shower screen in your bathroom, it will create that instant WOW factor. These shower screens look modish and sleek. No doubt, they make your bathroom look more polished and unified. It further augments the wall colors and highlights the other design elements completely.

2.     Mess-free- With a shower curtain; it usually becomes a mess when you get out after having a nice bath. The curtain gets fully wet and looks untidy. You will also have to un-hang them to brush off all these stains with the detergents. However, with the shower screens, no such issue is confronted. The wet glass can be wiped with a clean dry cloth without much hassle.

3.     Bright and airy- Many a times, the homeowners face the issue of darkness in the bathroom. If you have installed curtains, they might block the outside light to enter in. However, the shower screens will make full room for brightness and light. It will let the light flood in and brighten up every object and walls in the bathroom.

4.     Spacious- Shower curtains tend to occupy much space and make your bathroom look smaller. On the other hand, shower screens make your bathroom look bigger and spacious by cleanly fitting the objects from top to bottom giving a considerable space.

5.     Highly durable- If you think that the glass shower screens are vulnerable then you must know that they are built with the toughened glass. The glass undergoes tempering and other processes to gain complete strength. The most fascinating part is that they are scratch and shatter resistance, which means a little scratch with that pumic stone would not cause any harm to the screen.

6.     Increased home value- Perhaps, once you have installed a glass shower screen, it is going to increase the value of your home. At the time when you plan to resell your house, you can expect to receive a big return from it. These glass shower screen will captivate the attention of potential buyers.

If you are confused about choosing a shower screen for your bathroom, you must approach a bathroom remodel store that has a considerable amount of experience. And all the available varieties of shower screens to give you large options to choose from. Remember, you will only be able to land up with the finest shower screen only when you have a nice variety of it in front of you.

In addition to this, contact the past customers of that particular store that you have chosen and enquire about the services and the quality of their products. Read the testimonials at the store’s website and do your own research. It is important that you spend a little bit of time looking for a store that you want to buy shower screens from.

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