Stylish Things to Wear When You Fly

Looking fashionable on a flight is important for many people, but getting stuck at security, feeling uncomfortable during your flight, and limping your way out of the terminal should make you rethink your outfit.
The balance between fashion and comfort is important on a flight, especially when you’re stuck in a seat for 13 hours. Avoid the hassle of the airport and still look fabulous when you follow these tips.

Slip-On Shoes

Your feet are usually the most abused part of your body when you fly. Walking a mile through the terminal and letting them get swollen while you’re flying is the worst. Anything you have to lace up or squeeze into should be on your no-fly list. Not only are slip-ons easy to take on and off during security checks, but if you choose some loafers or boat shoes, you’ll add a little extra polish to your outfit.

A Long Cardigan

Luckily, longline cardigans and sweaters are everywhere during the fall and winter seasons. If you don’t have one, you can pick them up at any fashionable online boutique. These outerwear items look like you’re ready for a chilly breeze, but in fact, they’re really your secret weapon for those awfully air conditioned flights. A long cardigan is the perfect blanket in disguise, and it also covers up any tee you decided to wear because you were too lazy to change out of your pajamas.

Compression Leggings
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If you’re worried about swelling during a long flight, you should really consider compression leggings. Leggings are extremely comfortable during a flight and give you the freedom to sprawl in any position your chair allows. Running leggings or medical grade compression leggings will also keep any swelling down and lower the risk of blood clots.

Wide-Legged Gaucho

No need to worry about pleats or thin fabric when you wear these on your flight. This is the perfect pair of pants for flying because it’ll keep you warm without restricting your movement. These pants also ensure you look polished and elegant due to the long lines of the design and wrinkle-free fabric.

T-Shirt Gown

Finding a shapeless long shirt made of jersey or soft cotton works well on a flight, whether it’s fitted or loose. If you’re stepping off the plane and onto a beach, this dress is the perfect cold-to-warm weather outfit. It drapes like a robe without the added volume and with a simple denim jacket, you’ll stay cozy throughout your flight.

Zippered Boots

If you’re heading somewhere with rain or snow, boots are essential the minute you leave the airport. Keep your ensemble looking slick when you choose a pair of booties with a zipper. Avoid laces or hooks, so you can get through security quickly and slip off your shoes easily once you’re on the plane.

A Fashionable Hoodie

A slim fit fashion sweater with a large hood made of a cotton/poly blend will ensure that you don’t look like you just left a college locker room. As long as you don’t wear it with a shapeless pair of sweats, you’ll definitely look put-together, even after a long flight.

The Silk Top

Though it seems flimsy and thin, silk is one of the warmest materials—and it holds its own even when compared to wool. Its warmth makes a silk-blend shirt perfect for cold airplane cabins. Since silk wrinkles instantly, if you choose a silk-blend top, you’ll also avoid the frustration of a wrinkled shirt after your flight. If you must wear 100% silk, choose a shirt that’s patterned to hide any potential wrinkles.
Invest in a Vest

Airplanes make many people feel constricted and claustrophobic. Keep your body warm and your arms free when you choose a vest. Vests are also incredibly versatile pieces that come in a number of shapes with a variety of patterns. You can wear a vest over almost any outfit and when you get off the plane, fold it up into your purse for easy storage.

Plane Priorities
After looking good, your main priority when deciding on a travel outfit should be comfort, warmth, and ease of movement. Next time you travel, keep these style tips in mind and your ensemble will look sophisticated without feeling uncomfortable.

Author Bio:
Frankie Gold is a fashion designer, travel enthusiast, and freelance writer from Los Angeles, California. Her passion for all things style has compelled her to pursue a career in fashion design, captivating audiences with bold contours, subdued color themes, and avant garde outfits. When she is not busy styling and designing, she enjoys running on the beach.

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