Quick Tips to a Better Shaver for Men

The art of shaving is something we all must learn and do in today’s world. The problem is we all have some kind of issue with shaving. Things like sensitive skin, acne, ingrown hairs, and basic shaving techniques sometimes seem to be the outcome of our shaving efforts.

The good news is you don’t have to be stuck with these issues. There’s things you can do to prevent and overcome each of them. Your journey with this might not be the same as someone else’s who is trying to grow his beard and keep that in style. You may have a harder time or easier time with your resolution.

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Here’s our tips for getting a better shave.

Prepare Your Skin
Almost none of the men I knew took the time to prepare their skin pre-shave. Taking the time to prepare your skin is one of the absolute BEST things you can do. You’ll have a much more enjoyable closer shave while reducing the effects of shaving on the skin.
Here’s a good video demonstration for preparing your skin pre-shave.
Step 1: Use a hot towel to warm the skin, loosen hair follicles, and relax the hairs for a close shave. I like the hot towel not only for these benefits, but it feels great too!
Step 2: Right after removing the hot towel wipe down the skin. This helps remove dirt, oil, and skin cells. Women know exfoliating is very important and it’s equally important for men.
Step 3: Cleanse the skin with a skin cleanser. This is very important! This removes dirt & oil from the deeper areas like your pores and prevents them from working their way back in.
Step 4: Use your hot towel to wipe away the cleanser. Make sure the shave area is nice and clean.
Step 5: Apply a pre-shave oil. The pre-shave oil helps the blade glide across the skin and pull. It helps prevent razor rash and ingrown hairs.
Thee 5 above steps are the proper way to prepare your skin for a shave. Done properly this will result in the best shave you’ve ever had.

Know When to Change Your Razor
As soon as your razor starts to pull, even the slightest, it’s time to replace the razor. Don’t worry about trying to get a couple more shaves out of that razor. That’s exactly how you get razor rash, irritation, and ingrown hairs.
If you’re looking to save money on shaving costs I highly recommend considering wet shaving and safety razors. There’s a learning curve with wet shaving and the cost of replacing these places is a tenth of the price compared to your average replacement shaving heads.

Shaving Direction

Always shave with the grain of the hair. Going against the grain is a major factor for ingrown hairs and skin irritation.
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If your facial hair is very thick and requires multiple passes you can cross shave. This is shaving at a diagonal to the grain. Only use diagonal strokes as the second or third pass, but never the first.
Keep an eye on your neckline growth. Many men’s neckline hairs grow upwards and not downward like the hairs on your cheeks. Just shave with the grain no matter the direction the hairs growing.

Combine these tips and you’ll have a much better shaving experience. You might even begin to look forward to the process. It can become quite relaxing and pampering.
How’s do these tips compare to your current shaving routine?

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