6 Tips To Become A Billionaire

There was a time when doing business was confined only within business families. With the rise of FDI more and more entrepreneurs are making their mark in this world, with only one weapon, a kickass idea. But becoming great needs more than a idea; it needs some great habits. So pen these down and march down the road to success.

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1. Be on time of before time
Time is money, but most importantly time helps you to know how to make money. Successful people are not just on time but rather they run ahead of time. Because while some are ok with meeting the deadline, others believe that beating it is far better.

2. Be Rational
Don't just go into something without putting a lot of thought into it. Taking risk is not ok in the 21st century, the risk taken has to be an calculated one. Moreover, always justify your actions to yourself and try to find the profit in them.

3. Chalk out stuff
Life is utterly fast pacing, and in order to keep up with it, you need to chalk out every minute of your 24 hours. And not just that, you need to ensure that you make them count. Most successful people had their calendars planned for months so that they do not miss not on anything major.

4. Be polite
Making it big requires to be humble. As an entrepreneur, you need to function with others in your organization. Hence, your attitude towards them directly effects their output towards you. Be polite in your approach and only boss around when essential. Try to understand the other person's need and problems and they in turn would understand yours.

5. Give sleep a backseat
This generation is blamed to be lazy, but successful individuals know the worth of time. They realise time and tide waits for none. So sleep, but not everyday, throughout the day. Sleep for the requirement of it and not for the fun.  

6. Get a hobby
As the saying goes, all work and no play makes jack a dull boy. So do not be a 24*7 workaholic. Give yourself some time to try out new hobbies or master old ones. This is not only a tension buster but will get your creative juices flowing and might just give you a new perspective.
Habits are something we can master overtime with sustained practice. So if you can practice the habit of becoming a billionaire, why not go for it?

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