Solo Travelling Through Asia - An Insight


Travelling to places with family and friends has become very common, but we forget that the best experiences from travel come from setting out on our own. By being oneself, we learn few life lessons and the experience is very satisfying. Also travelling alone eliminates the sacrifice of your desire for likes of others and we learn how to navigate through difficult situation all by ourselves. Altogether, traveling alone bring its own set of adventures and unforeseen experiences that changes the perspective of seeing the life and nature.

For solo travelling one of the best places in the world is Asia. It’s a great place for a leisure time due to the cheapness of travelling around Asia, the ease with which one can get around, friendly locals and many fellow solo travellers. Some of the best places for solo travel across Asia are Philippines, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Nepal, Singapore, Hong Kong and India.

Another way to travel solo in Asia is by Motor-biking. Motorbikes are easily available to hire and is very cheap. The entire border crossings are easy and maximum of 5$ are paid in fees. Through mountains, floods monsoon, mud and high-speed highways, the motorbikes are the most convenient mode of transportation. Furthermore, they are light enough to put on trains buses and trucks easily and cheap. Each bike comes with blue card, snow mobile helmet Military Saddlebags, and many more.

Tips, Tricks, and Essentials

Some of the tips and tricks that are must for solo travellers are:

• Make sure you have done proper research and plan the routes carefully, so that all the major attractions like Angkor Wat, Ha Long Bay and Bali can be covered. Make sure the plane tickets can be amended, as the trips can get longer.

• One of the main decisions for solo travelling is of budgeting. Since backpacking in Asia is relatively cheap, by careful budgeting, you can manage as low as 20$ a day. Care must be taken as some countries like Singapore and Brunei are expensive than countries like Thailand, Cambodia and Malaysia. Few luxuries and activities can shoot up the budget close to 40$ a day.

• One should always check the weather condition and major events in the year. The best time to visit Asia is in April-May as events like Songkran in Thailand and Boun Bang Fai Rocket Festival in Laos line up in the year. One should avoid travelling in monsoon season, which begins in May, and end till October.

• The roads in South-East Asia are perilous at best and cars and motorcycles can be hired inexpensively. So for solo motorbike rides it is preferred to drive defensively with the right motorcycle gear and also to have right level of insurance in place.

• It is important to understand the dos and don’ts of each destination of Asia. Many cultures are conservative in their dress, so it’s necessary to carry right fashion of clothes. One of the culture differences is food in Asia, but it is advised to skip touristy restaurant and try eating from street vendors.

• If the travelling in Asia includes lots of trekking hiking and walking, motorcycle boots are must carry. They are quite comfortable than hiking boots and it saves lots of space in the backpack for other essentials.

• In cold terrains of Asia, for safety against injuries each time riding sled, riders should consider best snowmobile helmets as the protective gear. Many types of snowmobile gear with different features are available for maximum protection and insulation from cold air.

As travelling in Asia is going to be a tedious and long journey, a solo traveller is always recommended to follow the basic travel gear guide. Some of the essentials are as follows:
• Travel backpack- For carrying main luggage
• Camera and Laptop Backpack- Must essential electronic equipment
• Portable Locker- For locking luggage at hotels
• Earplugs and Eye-mask- For a peaceful night.


On the final note, as we all are surrounded by people, work with them, socialize with them, travelling solo is just the right way to take a break from hectic schedule. We should once a year come out from our comfort zone and travel alone; get to know people, hike, dance, cook, talk to strangers, eat new food and explore new avenue.

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