Spring 2017 Trends To Look Forward To (and How to Wear them Now!)

Here we are, smack dab in the season of cable knit sweaters and thick, warm mittens. The weather is crisp, the streets are decorated with glittering lights, and nearly everyone is feeling that warm fuzzy feeling that the holiday season brings. And while it’s great to revel in these months of cold cuddle weather, some of us are longing for the sunny days of spring.

Since fashion works a few months ahead of real-time shopping, fashion lovers all over the world get to preview the next hot looks before they hit stores and boutiques. The looks that graced the runway at New York Fashion Week were so vibrant, beautiful, and eye-catching that we want to wear them now! So why don’t we, and why don’t you? With a little ingenuity, you can become a trendsetter by getting a head start on these hot trends:

All Types of Stripes
According to the folks at Elle, 2017 will be the year of stripes. Designers showcased striped looks up and down the runway, and no two stripes were quite the same; thick nautical stripes, Wall-street style pinstripes, and even color-blocked horizontal stripes graced NYFW.

This look is one of the simplest to sport before springtime. A pinstripe blazer can help keep out that cold winter chill. A colorful, striped sweater can reflect the holiday spirit and help you get ahead in the fashion game. Or, for a more subtle nod to the new trend, try out a striped scarf or other accessories.

Sunny Yellow and Pretty Pink
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Bright colors are usually part of every designer’s spring look. It’s a welcome break from the earth tones and jewel tones of winter, as the colorful looks reflect the budding flowers all around us. This year, however, two shades stood out with many designers: yellow and pink. Vogue even recognized hot pink dresses and frocks as the first on their list for hot spring looks! Taking cues from broader trends calling for sun-kissed looks regardless of season,  big brands and even independent designers like TangerineNYC and Yumi Kim routinely show bright hues all year long.

So how can you wear pink and yellow in a season of ruby and emerald? By playing down the color with some darker accessories. Pair a pink dress with black tights or a dark colored coat. Tone down your bright yellow with royal blue accessories. You can even mix it up and elevate your jewel tone looks with a statement necklace in a springtime color.

Cold Shoulders

Remember Flashdance? Jennifer Beals’ slouchy sweatshirt look was so iconic that it had us all tugging on our tops so that our shoulder showed. And now, the look is back; designers and brands like Prabal Gurung, Vetements, and Rodarte have introduced looks that feature one shoulder left out in the cold. It’s a look that is casual, yet sexy - as if you’ve just rushed off from some romantic and tantalizing tryst.

Of course, this look will be harder to pull off when you hit the streets this season. It’s far too cold! But you can get started with this trend at home, or if you’re headed to an indoor party or event. Just make sure you bundle up before you go!

Say It With a Tee

Graphic tees: they’re not just for teens anymore. As Vogue points out, tee shirts and other pieces of clothing that display a message are coming back to the grown up fashion world. The runway was filled with models strutting their stuff and saying something, too; “We should all be feminists,” “Chaos,” and “Fashion is a passion” were only some of the messages these ladies were sporting.

If you’ve got parents who never throw things away, this look is likely an easy one to adopt. Next time you go home, simply dig through your old clothes from high school - you’re bound to find the right kind of tee in there somewhere. Put it on and prepare to let your shirt do the talking for you (perfect for those awkward family dinners)!

Robes on The Runway
This looks takes “I woke up like this” to a whole new level. The folks at Glamour pointed unique trends of Spring 2017: robes worn as day (and night) fashion. Designers like Lacoste and Band of Outsiders sent models down the runway in what looked like a bathrobe, but what was actually… well, a bathrobe. Of course, some designers will be dressing up the robe look to create something more nightlife-appropriate, but it looks like the laid back look will be in this spring!

The key to this look (and every look, come to think of it) is confidence. A nice pair of leggings or yoga pants and a comfy top - maybe even one of those graphic tees we talked about - can really complement a robe and create an effortlessly cool, literally-rolled-out-of-bed look. Give it a try!

Author Bio: Carolyn Clarke is a New Jersey native whose fashion obsession knows no bounds. She is a freelance fashion blogger who has written for more publications than she can remember. Currently, spends most of her time in the East Village, where she has lived and worked in NYC for over 30 years

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