How To Turn A Simple Room Into A Fully Functional Office

The benefits of a presentable office go beyond the aesthetics. It has now been established that the physical working space has a direct impact on productivity and creativity, as well.

A good work area might prove to be challenge for those who are working from home due to limited space and budget. But it is definitely worth investing in as it affects your work output and will help you achieve more in less time.

Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be fancy or complicated. Here, we share with you the quick steps on how to create a fully functional office in any simple room:

 1.     Choose the room where you want to set up your office.
 The first step is to choose the room where you will be setting up your home office. If you have   options, it would be best to choose a location with less noise and distractions and more natural lighting.

It should be big enough to accommodate everything that you need.

In case you expect visits or meetings with clients and suppliers, you have to consider the location of your home office. It might be better to position your work space on the first floor, or somewhere nearer the front or back door, to avoid disruption for other people living with you, as well as to minimize the risk of having ‘strangers’ walking around your house.

2.              Invest in an ergonomic setup.

Ergonomics means designing the workplace, systems and products to fit the people who will be using them. This involves applying the correct height to the tables and chairs, so that there is less physical strain on the user.

An ergonomic setup will help prevent physical injury, such as back injury or carpal tunnel syndrome, as you spend hours working from your chair and table each day. A comfortable chair is one of the most important investment pieces you can make for your home office.

No matter where your office is, it is best to have an ergonomic arrangement to protect your wellbeing.

3.              Complete your tools, equipment and supplies.

Make a list of everything you’ll be needing in order to accomplish your tasks efficiently and effectively.

Depending on the scope of your business or job, you might have to invest in a printer or fax machine. You definitely need a strong internet connection and some office supplies. Whether it's about the best broadband in Bhubaneswar or LA make sure you have a high-speed internet supply.

Make sure that you have everything you need to avoid delays and interruptions in your work. 

4.              Keep it organized.

Whether you’re working outside or from home, it’s a good practice to keep your space organized and free from clutter. This will clear your mind and help you to focus on your work.

Place your supplies inside storage boxes or desk drawers to keep them out of sight but easy to reach. Simple pen holders, inbox and outbox folders will keep small stuffs and pieces of paper from cluttering your work desk. Shelves can be a good addition to make use of your vertical space, as well.

5.              Accessorize and utilize wall space.

What is your “view” from your desk? A window view is ideal, but in case that is not possible, you can decorate with nice pictures / paintings or inspirational posters to make your space pretty.

It is always advisable to have something to break the monotony of the room to help you feel motivated.

You can also place small plants on your desk or around your space for a pop of relaxing green color. The extra flow of oxygen can also promote your creativity and productivity.

Personalize your space to reflect who you are- you can include a few cherished knick-knacks, pictures of your loved ones, a copy of your personal statement and goals on your desk- to remind you who and what you are working for.

6.              Make sure it is well-lighted.

Research shows that natural light improves human health and potential. It reduces stress, improves the mood and positively impacts productivity and overall work function. Positioning your work area where there is plenty of sunlight is best for your output and well-being.

In case it is not possible, use artificial light that gives off a softer, natural glow. Avoid harsh fluorescent lights as they can cause headaches and dim lights as they can diminish productivity. Use a desk lamp, if necessary.

Make sure that your computer monitor is placed in a direction where there is no glare from the window or your overhead lights.

7.              Check your electrical outlets.

Ensure that you have access to electrical outlets from your work desk, as you definitely need to plug in some equipment, such as your desktop computer / laptop, printer, scanner, etc.

Keep your cords organized with the use of cord covers, desk grommet, cord winders, tubing or wire organizers.

8.              Design a filing system.

Paperwork might be limited if you are working virtually, but you might not be able to eliminate it completely. You need to decide on your filing system beforehand to be sure that you know where to place hard documents and files when they arrive.

It is a good idea to have a separate folder or notebook for each project and to separate personal tasks from work-related ones. Filing cabinets might be bulky so in case you don’t have the space for them, there are other good options, like hanging shelves, vertical file folders, or sturdy cardboard boxes with lid.

Make sure that you have a basket or box for your unsorted piles of paper, to keep them in one place until you get the chance to go through them.  

Designing your own workspace is exciting- you get to decide on everything: the elements you want to incorporate to improve your productivity, the best corner in your house that promotes your creativity, the vibe you want to create. Create it carefully- after all, your personalized office is a reflection of who you are and how you work.

About Author:
Gemma Reeves is a seasoned writer who enjoys creating helpful articles and interesting stories. She has worked with several clients across different industries such as advertising, online marketing, technology, healthcare, family matters, and more. She is also an aspiring entrepreneur who is engaged in assisting other aspiring entrepreneurs in finding the best office space for their business.

Check out her company here: FindMyWorkspace

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