How to dress like a grown man – 6 Dressing hacks to dignify your look

So, you’ve left home, is out of college, have a nice job and now you only need to look the part. Mama isn’t there to dress you no-more, and while that might be a great excuse to explore your own sense of style, going way out there might just leave you looking like a child.
Have no fear; looking like a respectable adult is easy enough with a few simple rules. Get it right, and you’ll be pleased to find that you don’t need to dull yourself down to join the real-world, unless of course you want to.

Here are a few simple rules to looking like that dapper grown man that you know you are:
1.     Get the right fit
Having a suit is essential for any man, but quite a number of us don’t quite get things right when we buy them.
Few things look more ridiculous than a man in an ill-fitting jacket and trousers combo. Something even slightly too large will make you look like you have donned your dad’s outfit, while small ones will make you look like you’ve outgrown your old one.
So, avoid looking like you are wearing a hand-me-down by getting your measurements right and consider having a suit tailor made to your frame. A snug fitting suit that shows your curves is like porn to most women, and will leave you looking dignified and stylish.
2.     Quality over Quantity
While it would be nice to have a different outfit for each day of the month, it could only really be affordable to do this if you are opting for crappy quality clothing.
Low quality shows through for all of the wrong reasons, is uncomfortable and what is more, will fray and damage in no time at all; resulting in that second-hand look that you would rather avoid if you don’t want to look like a free-spirited teenager or Tom Waits.
Rather opt to buy fewer clothes of a much higher quality of fabric. Go for 100% cotton or wool and you will notice the difference with regards to looks and comfort. One way to cut the costs of high quality items is with discount codes, like a Jos A Bank discount code.
3.     Get the right Shoes
Sandals, sneakers and running shoes are great and all, but they do very little for your sense of personal style. Sure, they might be comfortable and versatile, but if you step into an office or club looking like you just got off of the track, you better make sure you’re an athlete.
As far as open shoes go, they are great for children and retirees, so why not rather show those around you that you are capable of doing up your laces by investing in a snug but stylish pair of brown or black smart shoes that fit you properly.
4.     Lockdown your socks
I’m all for bright colors and fun patterns, but when it comes to socks, they will attract eyes for the wrong reasons. Wearing black shoes or dark trousers? Be sure to invest in a pair of socks that is dark enough to complete the look.
It is a good idea to own socks in a variety of simple (and plain) colors or patterns that will best complement whichever outfit you are wearing. Remember that if there is one part of your wardrobe that shouldn’t attract the eye, it is your socks.
Also, make sure that your socks cover your shins if you are wearing long trousers, there are few things that look more ridiculous than the secret socks and smart-pants combo.
5.     The short-end of shorts
Get rid of your childish cargo shorts and three-quarters! That style doesn’t work well in the adult world. The length of your shorts should be related to their practicality; that is to say what the weather is doing and how active you are when reading them.
When buying shorts, it is essential to get the perfect balance of knee exposure and thigh covering, going too far on one side or the other will leave you looking like a kid.
6.     Get a real haircut
Trim that schoolboy haircut, shave the mohawk and abandon that steam-punk inspired style that you have been working on since your teens. Do you have a man-bun, pony-tail or long hair? Get rid of it. If you are trying to look like a respectable and responsible adult, modeling yourself after a free-spirited nature-walker will do you no good.
If you have any piercings, get rid of those too. They might have looked awesome when you were in college, now you’re running the risk of looking like mutton dressed as lamb.
Author Bio:
"Terrence Kennedy is the man’s man on a journey to self-discovery. A traveler, extreme sports aficionado, an observant wanderer, a DIY man, an ultimate outsider and documentarist of culture, sex, dating, relationship, fashion, style and gentleman's etiquette. He has learned a lot through his

escapades, and is happy to pass that knowledge on to you."

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