10 Weight Management Secrets No One has Told You

In this era of diet trends and fads, it seems there are so many ways to lose weight. Most of them work, but typically are short term solutions. What about maintaining that weight loss for the years to come? Here are 10 things no one has told you that are vital to not only losing weight, but keeping it off.

You must eat fat to defeat fat.

This may sound counterintuitive. After all, fat is what we’re trying to get rid of so why would we eat it, right? Many weight loss plans involve removing as much fat as possible to our diets. Well, think about this: not all fat is bad fat. Our bodies actually need certain fats to function optimally.
Fats found in olive oil and avocados have been proven to help reduce belly fat. Fish oils and the fats found in nuts boost metabolism. Fats help you to feel full as well. Feeling that satisfaction of a full tummy on a smaller amount of food will help you to lose weight and maintain that desired weight.
So, yes, including the right fats, in the right portion sizes, can help you defeat that fat you’re trying to lose.

Exercise paired with a good diet.

There are some who believe that exercise or diet alone will help them achieve their weight loss goals. Again, this may work in short term. However, in order to maintain that momentum, you must find the right combination of diet, like hcg  AND exercise.
Find exercise you enjoy doing. No one is going to stick to a strict exercise regime that they don’t enjoy for long. Be willing to try new things. Boredom is one of the main reasons people stop exercising. Keep it interesting.
The same can be side about diets. Find a diet that is healthy and full of variety. Try new recipes. Maybe incorporate some new-to-you, healthy, exotic foods in your diet. Have fun and be adventurous with those taste buds to keep you going.


“What? Did I just read that right? Maybe this was a typo?” No, I assure you, laughing is one good way to manage your weight. You may have heard the saying, “Laughter is the best medicine.” Well, this is true with weight management as well. Studies have shown that intense laughing for one hour can burn up to 120 calories! So, laugh it up! Just make sure you’re not laughing while eating tons of diet sabotaging foods and high calorie alcoholic beverages or soda.

Avoid sitting for long periods of time.

Sitting for hours on end in front of the TV or computer can be detrimental to managing weight. If you must sit for long periods, get up every 20 minutes or so and stretch, go for a short walk. Fidgeting is also a way to burn calories if you’re stuck at a desk all day. Keep some things in your drawer to use to help you burn some calories.


Many studies have proven that eating six small meals per day versus three big meals is more effective in losing and maintaining weight. Keep healthy snack options in your desk drawer or handy in your kitchen and in your car so you can snack on the go. Choose snack items that fit into your personal diet plan. Consider high fiber, high protein, and calcium filled snacks instead of a bag of potato chips or candy bar.

Drink a glass of wine!

Consuming alcohol in large amounts is detrimental to weight loss efforts. However, studies have shown that having a glass of red wine daily may actually help boost weight loss efforts.


Now, I’m not saying that eating a big old’ sugar-laden milk chocolate bar is going to be beneficial. However, eating dark chocolate, in small amounts can satisfy your sweet tooth as well as provide antioxidants. If you love chocolate, this is great news! Just don’t overindulge and keep the sugar content to a minimum.

Add dairy products to your diet.

Low-fat foods and products such as cheese, yogurt and milk are an excellent source of calcium. Calcium is essential to providing more control over appetite and increasing fat loss. This is not to say that dairy should be consumed in high amounts. Rather, a small amount of dairy added to the daily diet is the most productive way to reap the benefits.

Look for ways to add steps to your day.

We’ve all heard this one before. “Try to park further away from the store entrance. Take the stairs instead of the elevator whenever possible.” These are actually good pieces of advice. Look for ways to integrate extra steps into your life, which helps burn more calories. Yes, it may only take one or two more minutes to walk in to the store from the furthest spot in the parking lot. But, you probably would’ve spent those extra minutes circling the parking lot to find the closest spot anyway. It may be quicker to take the elevator than the stairs, but think of it like this: most people opt for the elevator. Walking up the stairs may give you a few minutes of peace and quiet in addition to providing those extra calorie burning steps. Plus, you can avoid that crowded elevator ride.
 Any extra moving you can do throughout the day helps. Consider doing squats while washing dishes. What about performing calf-raises while brushing your teeth? Be creative when thinking of ways you can build more exercise into your daily routine.

Don’t forget the importance of water.
Drinking water keeps you hydrated, which helps your body perform at an optimal level. It staves off hunger by helping you to feel fuller. Water is truly your best friend when it comes to weight loss and weight management.

Replace high calorie, sugar filled drinks like soft drinks and artificial juices with water. For added flavor, drop a slice of lemon, lime, strawberry or other fruit into your water. Cucumbers and mint add a nice flavor combination to water as well. Reaching for an ice cold drink on a hot summer day is so refreshing and can truly help you in reaching and maintaining your weight oriented goals.

There you have it, 10 weight management secrets no one has told you about. I would also add that knowing yourself is important in managing your weight. If you are not a morning person, committing to getting up at 5:00 a.m. every day to participate in a rigorous exercise routine may not be the best choice. Fit your exercise and diet strategies into your lifestyle in a way that will magnify your efforts. Are you a night owl? Plan your exercise in the late night. Do you love to cook? Look for recipes that fit into your diet plan. Likewise, if you hate to cook, opt for foods that you can grab and eat like fresh fruits and vegetables that you can cut up and keep handy for convenience.

If you know you get bored with the same routines day in and day out, plan to try new activities once a month or so. Look for dance or martial arts classes in your area. Maybe there is a zip-line adventure in your future. Invest in a mini-trampoline to jump on. There are so many ways to incorporate things into your life that will help you reach your goals. Reach for the stars! I know you can do it!

About the Author:
Aarti Singh is from Kerala, India.  She is a dedicated nutritionist who is dedicated to helping people reach healthy and nutritious goals. Currently she is blogging at Besthcgdropswebsite.com. As a nutritionist, she has a vast experience in handling cases such as obesity, hypo-thyroid, diabetes, hyper-tension, anaemia for women and children. She is very passionate about her work. You can contact her if you are having any questions on this guest post.

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