Working Out for Beginners: What You Need to Do First

The hard part about getting fit and hitting the gym is the beginning. If you ask any other fitness expert or gym rat, they might say the same thing.
This is because working out takes a lot of you in the beginning. It takes you out of your comfort zone, eating habits, and your overall routine.

For example, if you start working out seriously, you’ll need to incorporate a good hour or two in your daily routine. Hence, you might not keep up with your new schedule, especially if you’re a busy (or lazy) person.

This is why consistency and determination are the two crucial things that you’ll need if ever you’re serious about working out and getting fit.

Mental Conditioning is Key

The first problem with those who are trying to get into fitness and exercise is they jump straight into the heavy exercises. This is a fatal mistake because it surprises both your body and mind.

Consider working out as a big turn of events in your life. In that way, you’ll be able to look at it seriously and mentally prepare for it.

When you’re about to get into fitness, it’s not just running on a treadmill for 15 minutes and calling it a day. Fitness is a lifestyle. Therefore, don’t consider it as a pastime that can be removed from your schedule now and then.
With that said, use social media and the internet to your advantage. Research well on what it’s like to train yourself almost every day for 1-2 hours. Ask your friends who go to the gym regularly on how they conditioned their mind.

If you’re a person suffering from obesity or you’re merely overweight. Mental conditioning is all the more needed. It’ll be much harder to start and much more difficult to maintain. However, always push yourself that you need the determination because out of all the people, it’s those who have weight problems that need it the most.

Changing Your Diet

Although changing your diet isn’t necessary, you still need to make some changes to how you eat at least. Not changing your bad eating habits will cause you not to notice the changes of your workout. Hence, it means you’re wasting all that hard work for nothing.
That’s why you need to drop those french fries and burgers down once in awhile. Be sure to eat proper meals that are suitable for your workouts.

Food that is rich in fiber, protein, and carbohydrates will help your muscles regroup, and it would also give you added energy.
There are a ton of articles out there that can give you further nutritional tips when you’re  about to start working out. But for a quick reminder, try to lessen your intake of sugar and fatty foods for starters.
This doesn’t contribute to your strength and endurance, so be disciplined when it comes to that tub of ice cream!

Starting Your Workout

If you’re completely new to exercise, the best way to start your journey is probably through cardio and aerobic exercise. These exercises mainly target the core of your body.
Meaning, it builds strength and endurance in different areas for you to perform harder activities later on.You can always start with activities like running or jogging. 

Although it’s not a sexy start compared to pumping up weight machines or doing sit ups, aerobic exercise is a must. Think of it as the pillar that supports the entire workout plan you have.

With that said, some of the exercises that improve your core are listed below. Notice that there are numerous sports out there that are great to add to your workout routine to improve your cardio.
1.)  Running and walking
2.)  Cycling
3.)  Swimming
4.)  Boxing
5.)  Indoor aerobic exercises
The most popular aerobic exercise would probably be running and swimming. Running is great for everybody because of its convenience and relative ease of doing (although it’s still tough, mind you). On the other hand, swimming laps would probably be the best aerobic exercise since every part of your body is at work.

If you don’t have access to a pool or you’re far from a good neighborhood to do rounds, then indoor exercises can be your choice. These indoor exercises are simple motions like running, rowing, and climbing that are made possible by home-friendly equipment.
Some of this easy-to-store equipment are treadmills, normal bicycles, and unorthodox inventions like the Maxi Climber. Our Maxi Climber reviews will give you a brief rundown on the benefits of this innovative and unique machine.

But to give a short description of it, the Maxi Climber lets you “climb” at home similar to how a treadmill allows you to run indoors. Climbing not only helps improve your core, but it also helps strengthen your arms and legs.

Slowly Get the Hang of It

Build up strength and get fit by doing at least three cardio exercises every week. Ideally, a combination of running, swimming (or any tiring sport you fancy), and one indoors activity would boost your endurance.

As you continue to build up your core, incorporate challenging exercises in your workout. Don’t get hasty and go straight to the weights, though. Try to use your body first as your weight. In that way, you get a better feel for what your body can do.

Do pushups, situps, dips, and a few other exercises that use the body as the weight. Incorporate it slowly as you continue to do cardio. Remember, cardio is as important as any other exercise.
As long as you still have a considerable amount of body fat, don’t remove it from your exercise.
Once you’re getting the hang of it, you can now confidently go to the heavier exercises. With your core stronger, it would be easier for you to maintain a tougher pace consistently.
That’s the point of working out, your workout for the long-run and not for a summer photo.

Summing it Up

Remember, the hardest part of getting fit is accepting it and trying to start. Many people fail to even last in the first week because they don’t condition their mind and body.
That’s why conditioning is the first step to everything. And although cardio isn’t the most fun of workouts to do, it’s your first step in your long journey to a fit and healthy body.

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