10 tips to know to write a perfectly pitched MBA essay

The MBA application process has essays as the main pitch which has the capacity to gain you an admission in your coveted university. The questions asked in the essay are basically straightforward but the answers need a lot of self-analysis. Ensure you have enough time to draft your essay and also time for editing and proofreading it. You can also approach Writing Done for a customized essay for your MBA pitch.
Nonetheless, here are a few tips which can help you draft a perfect pitch essay for your MBA:

1.     Collecting data of a variety of topics:
Once you have made up your mind to apply in a business field like the MBA start collecting data on a variety of topic. It could be anything, a trip to the market, an inspiring play, talking silly with a small child, a review of a much awaited movie, anything. This will help you gather material for the topics you might get in your MBA essay.

2.     Divulge in personal information:
Before you start your essay writing jot down some personal information which might otherwise not appear in your resume. This can be your habits, or traditions followed in your family, the number of languages you speak etc.

3.     Be ready for off-beat questions:
Even after accumulating so much data which can appear in your MBA essay you might be faced with off-beat questions upon receiving your essay questions like ‘what are the aspects of your life that matter the most to you?’. Don’t be hasty in answering such questions. Sleep on them and answer them the first thing in the morning when you wake up. Do so for a few days and you might land upon an answer that is impactful enough.

4.     Mapping out the content:
Map out the content you want to put in each essay before you start writing the essay. Mark the general topics you want to include so as to avoid repetition. This way you can ensure that you can cover all the aspects of your personality.

5.     Map out your work time:
Decide on the best time of the day when you want to write the essay. Some people prefer to write in the stillness and quiet of the night and some prefer the freshness of the morning at an attempt of writing an essay.

6.     What matters is the content:
What matters in an essay are its content and not the empty page in front of you. A roughly drafted essay is better than not attempted to write anything at all.

7.     Research your MBA institute:
Spend some time researching your MBA institute and knowing what they are expecting from their applicants. This will help your draft your essay according to their likes and increase your chances of securing an admission.

8.     Stress on the qualities your institute is looking for:
Usually there are four basic qualities that can impress the institute and they are:
·       Team spirit
·       Leadership qualities
·       Ethics
·       And Communication skills
Try to include references about yourself which show off the above skills to your advantage.
9.     Being human:
The faculty at the MBA institute is aware that ultimately you are a human being with your share of flaws. Be modest enough to accept them as well as convey them through your essays.

10.  Ask for opinions:

Ask for someone to proofread your work and give an opinion on a few aspects of the essay like is the attempt at humor a little awkward or coming out just right? Or does it need to be rephrased because of its cocky phrases etc.

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