10 Tips To Write A Research Paper

A research paper is not only collection of information but it is an expanded essay that presents your thoughts, analysis or interpretation. It is your thoughts using the base of others thoughts and work. A research paper is written on the basis of your thoughts on the basis of expert opinion.

A research paper is collection of information with help of expert’s opinion on the topic. It is based on the survey done in the best possible way to avoid writing cheap to comprise thorough knowledge about the topic. In an attempt to write an informative research paper the following ten tips should be kept in mind.


1] Analyze yourself- Firstly understand your strengths and weakness, your work pattern, your comfort zone and accordingly make plan for your research paper. This would not only help in better research paper but also help your survey to be orderly.

2] Time- More the time invested better will be the results. Mostly a month’s time is enough to make a research of 12 to 20 pages. This time frame will include the work of selecting the topic, researching about it, if needed change the topic, write a few drafts and even take some time off so that fresh ideas can also be poured in.

3] Choose a broad topic- Unless you are pre determined to work on a specific topic it is always better to pick a broader topic and then eventually narrow it based on the research available. It is always better to pick a topic that has been widely researched upon. Example socio economic backwardness of developing countries and eventually caste system could be picked up.

4] Pick your thesis later- Let the thesis emerge from the research. This implies that rather than putting up an argument first then finding the evidence to support, it is better to first research and then eventually come up the thesis. Just to play safe choose abroad statement and resubmit it during the research.

5] Mind map it – even if you have too many ideas or even if you do not have mind mapping is one of the essential step. Life hacker has a great post on how to do it. Create a visual diagram of all the thoughts and ideas that you have for the research.

6] Write an outline- Jot down all the ideas and points that you want to cover in the research. Then remove all the unimportant ones and elaborate the point which needs to be included.

7] Write the first draft- So here comes the first draft which may have imperfections which may require corrections. Write an introduction, body and conclusion, following the outline and then revise it to get the needed length of the research.

8] Review and Polish- If time permits take your eyes and mind off the topic and come back after a few days with fresh and new ideas to enhance the quality of your project.

9] Use citation management tools- If you intend to write a lot of research paper tool like EndNote could be used. Mendeley can also be considered which quickly add citations and generate the References section

10] Consider splitting up into multiple files- If the paper is over 50 pages and with multiple chapters it is better to split it into multiple DOC. Editing single DOC file is much easier than a huge file in 

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