How to Not Fail This Year: Achieve Your Goals in 2017

Every year we set new goals for ourselves and many of us do not get as far as achieving those goals. What is your personal goal statement? If you do not have one, it’s time to write one down.  The concept behind goals achieving is to actually believe that you can do it and then put in all the hard work to get there. If you are trying to do well this year and not fail any modules, it might be time to adjust a little. Here are some ways to not fail this year and achieve all your goals.

Stick to your schedule

If you have a lot on your plate and are trying to do it all, you need to set up a schedule and sticking to it. Once you have your schedule in place, commit to doing everything on there in the allocated time. We can waste so much time doing things that does not serve us and then wonder where the time went. If you are constantly searching for personal goal facts but not getting as far as achieving any, it’s time to relook at your approach. By having a set schedule, you might feel a little guilty by not doing anything on your list.

Reasons to achieve

Do you have a motto or specific reasons as to why you need to achieve your goals? These need to really mean something to you because doing it for the wrong reasons will always end up in failure. If someone tells you that you cannot achieve something, do not do it just to prove them wrong. Do it for yourself and for a reason that improves your life. Also do not do something because you are forced to do it by someone else. If you do not want it bad enough and you just want to please someone, it can end up in a long life of being a people’s pleasure. You deserve to do what you want to do with your life so make sure your reasons are for yourself.

Past failures do not define you

Perhaps you tried something before and failed at it and not you are too afraid to try again. The past is in the past and you have to move on and start believing again. You are worthy of achieving your goals and your mindset is the first thing you need to change. Everyone fails at something at some point in their lives and you are no different. Be kind to yourself after failure so that it does not leave permanent scars. There is always a next time and you might just get it right then. I don’t care if you failed at the same thing 5 times; you just have to keep on trying if it means everything to you to succeed at it.

Stop procrastinating

There are so many tips and tricks online about how to not procrastinate but at the end of the day it is a personal struggle. You have to want something bad enough to stop procrastinating. The hardest part is to start and once you start, everything else will flow. Is chatting on your phone about unimportant topics and reading web pages about issues that will not do you any good going to help you achieve your goals? Probably not, yet we continue to waste our time on these obvious distractions. There will be time to do all of those things but there is also a time when work comes first. If you have an exam due in one week, should you really allow yourself to be distracted and then try to cram? You will be so much happier if you prepare properly for every event and achieve your goals.

Don’t take on too much

You are only human and there is only so much you can do in a day. If you want to do good at something specific, you have to ease your load. Many of us have more than one goal and that is perfectly fine, but you need to also make sure that other unimportant things do not steal your time. If you do not want to have a nervous breakdown or just throw in the towel, you must make sure that you can handle everything on your plate. If this means saying no to some tasks then so be it, because at the end of the day, you need to achieve those goals.


There is no reason big enough for you to accept failure. You have it in you to achieve every goals you set for yourself. We just have to be careful to not over think things and let it take over our lives. Life is about balance and you need to remain perfectly in balance while working towards those goals. You want to get there being happy and not so worn out that you can hardly breathe. Enjoy the journey and take it one step at a time. Before you know it, you would have achieved all your goals in 2017.

About Author: Rose Milton is an amateur guest post writer and a content manager. She finds her inspiration in yoga, drawing and meditation. Rose enjoys her life and tries to change the world for better.

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