Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Weddings are days full of tradition and it doesn’t just end on the wedding day itself. The anniversaries every year after the marriage starts each have a theme and tradition, which can be used creatively to give each other unique and exciting anniversary gifts. Katie Jones from has these suggestions to the key anniversary themes, and some gift ideas to help you out:

One year – Paper/Carnations/Mother of Pearl

How about thinking outside the box and buying a ticket for something exciting – maybe a plane ticket, or print out a hotel booking for a romantic weekend? If you are going to give money, make sure it’s enough paper to not appear cheap! Or why not opt for a beautiful ornament made out of Mother of Pearl which you can both enjoy?

Two years – Cotton/Lily of the Valley/Garnet

This is a tricky one as there are not many obvious presents made of cotton, but perhaps opt for something to brighten up the home you have made together, like his and hers cushions, or some beautiful Egyptian cotton bedding to treat yourselves.

Five years – Wood/Daisy/Rose Quartz

Five years into the marriage, the anniversary is wood so why not treat yourselves to a beautiful country retreat staying in a log cabin with walks in the forest and a log fire in the evening – a perfect anniversary gift you can share together.

Ten years – Tin/Daffodil/

Now tin isn’t the most inspiring of metals, however, why not be creative and create a beautiful memory tin which contains tokens and reminders of the past 10 years of the marriage, such as photos, ticket stubs, love letters, mementos etc.. which you can both keep and share with the family in years to come.

Fifteen years – Crystal/Rose

Nothing says romance more than champagne sipped from a pair of beautiful crystal glasses, or how about a beautiful crystal vase filled with dozens of red roses, to combine both the traditional elements.

Twenty years – China/Aster

There are many gift options with china but twenty years is a pretty special milestone so perhaps a cheap dinner set is not a great idea. How about a stunning tea set for two with a beautiful tea pot and cake stand, to enjoy afternoon tea together on your special day? Or maybe take it a few steps further and actually book a holiday to trek the Great Wall of China. Whatever you do, don’t just get a take away!

Twenty-five years – Silver/Iris

A quarter of a century of marriage is definitely something to celebrate so a silver anniversary should never go unmarked. Why not opt for a real keepsake such as an engraved bracelet or watch for each other with a special message and the date of the wedding in it? Or some traditional silverware which you can hand down to your relatives such as a set of cutlery, or silver goblets?

Thirty years – Pearl/Lily

While a lady would be very happy to receive a set of real pearls as an anniversary gift this is a trickier one for a male partner. Perhaps join forces and get a nice commemorative gift together, like a photoshoot or a portrait together. For something a bit different, why not compile a video of all your best family moments and host a party for everyone where you can play it to them. The best gift to each other here is sharing and celebrations.

Forty years – Ruby/Gladioli

Again, the obvious present for a female partner would be a beautiful piece of ruby-jewellery, perhaps a ruby ring. Why not do something wonderful like renew your vows and have the venue filled with gladioli as a celebration with a difference? You could just take ruby at face value as a red colour, and pick out gifts with a red theme, like a day out at the races where you have to bet on a jockey wearing red silks.

Fifty years – Gold/Yellow rose  

The simplest gift here would be to replace your original wedding rings with new ones as after fifty years they are bound to be a bit worn down and with gold as the theme, what could be a more symbolic gesture and gift to each other?

Sixty years – Diamond

While the choice of diamond jewellery is endless for a gift for a woman partner, a man might opt for a subtle diamond-encrusted watch, or how about creating a diamond-shaped photograph frame and having one of your original wedding photos reprinted to go into it as a nice reminder of your very special day. 

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