Top 5 PDF Editing Software of 2017 - A Quick Guide

Anyone working in a company knows how important fast, easy and accessible PDF creation, editing and conversion are. And sometimes standard readers just don’t cut it anymore. Fortunately, 2017 has brought various alternative software on the market that is both amazing and accessible. Here are our top five picks, ranked also by user ratings.

#1 Soda PDF Anywhere Premium

User Rating: 5/5 stars
There’s a good reason for which the Soda editing tool is the first on our list. While it has many adequate contenders, and we’re going to present those soon as well, the Soda PDF Anywhere Premium editor deserves to be number one in this top five due to the fact that it’s the first and only such software to be available both on desktops and online at the same time. And, besides that, its robust selection of features such as reviewing and annotating PDFs, creating digital forms, inserting page elements and many more are what makes Soda worth a try.

#2 WondersharePDFelement

User Rating: 4.5/5 stars
Wondershare is known for offering great editing software for a variety of elements, including PDFs, as is the case with WondersharePDFelement. Another trustworthy user favorite, Wondershare made it to the second position of our top five due to its affordability and all-in-one design based on OCR technology. PDF creation and conversion has never been easier.

#3 Corel PDF Fusion

User Rating: 4/5 stars
Just like Wondershare, Corel is a developer known for its editing software, especially for photographs. However, its PDF editor is also an amazing tool. With Corel PDF Fusion, you can work with over 100 different file formats, and achieve instantaneous one-click conversion. All in all, when it comes to file editing, no matter the format, Corel never disappoints.

#4 FoxitPhantomPDFStandard

User Rating: 3.5/5 stars
Just like Adobe and other high-priced PDF editing software, FoxitPhantomPDF Standard provides amazing PDF quality through features such as editing, creating, organizing and finally securing PDF files. And it all comes with simplicity and small size, at a fraction of the price requested by others.

#5 Adobe Acrobat X Pro

User Rating: 3/5 stars
Last, but certainly not least, we have Adobe Acrobat X Pro. Adobe are perhaps the most well-known developers in the PDF biz, (and the editing world in general, with Adobe Photoshop being the world’s number one photo editor), and all for good reason. With this software, you can easily embed relevant media such as videos and animation into a PDF. This offers amazing opportunities for creative firms, but not only. The only reason it ranks last and has the lowest user rating is its spicy price tag. Adobe Acrobat X Pro 10.0 is definitely the most expensive program on this list, but after all, you’re paying for the Adobe name. 

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