Utilizing the Office Space with an Apt Office Design

A good office design can increase the productivity of your employees and benefit you in more than one way. It is essential to give planning of an office design enough of thought. You may certainly have your idea of how your dream office should be, but it is always advisable to consult a professional before you make your plan final and you will never have to regret.

An employee is spending 8 to 10 hours every in the office, and so it is essential that office interior should look good, but also increase the comfort levels and make an employee feel at home. The traditional layout consisted of closed spaces with cubicles. With the passing of time there has been a vast change in this mindset and most businesses tend to opt for open spaces. You first need to plan what works best for you.

Few tips to be considered before you plan an office design:

  1. Enough and More of light
Offices which have a dark and cluttered look tend to be a big ‘put-off’ for the employees. The initial factor to be considered is to ensure there is more and enough of natural light flowing in. For this requirement of natural light, you can think of having glass walls instead of the traditional cement or laminated walls.

  1. Consider Space
Large desks can be helpful to increase the productivity of the employees. Besides this, there should be enough space for circulation. The employee should be able to walk around without banging into another desk or chair. Cramped space also disturbs others when one staff walks around.

  1. Design based on activity
It is essential to design your office in accordance to the frequency of the required activity. Some examples are shared desk spaces, open tables, research centers, cafes and private enclaves. In short, whatever job needs to be done requires a specific space. The design needs to be implemented in accordance to the activities of your office.

  1. Invest in the Right furniture
Functionalities very important in an office space design. The storage space, desk and shelves should be chosen according to the need. The chairs opted for should be comfortable. Employees tend to spend a lot of their working hours sitting in their chair and an uncomfortable chair can cause back pain within a few days reducing their productivity.

  1. Rid of the Clutter
Even the most expensive furniture can look out of place if you try to fit it in. It is advisable to encourage your employees to have a desk which is paper-free. Create a system so that all the important documents are well organized. This ensures you do not waste time looking for files and folders. There should be enough cabinets under the table so that everything is filed in a proper manner and nothing is left strewn or stacked on the table.

  1. Wires and Cords
Design your office in such a way that all the wires and cords are concealed. Hanging wires or even cords can be the cause of small accidents. Besides which, they offer a cluttered look to the office. Wires and cords also prevent proper cleaning of dust as housekeeping staff may not be able to sweep or vacuum the space where wires and cables are lying on the floor.

  1. The Right Color
Color can make all the difference to a person’s mood. Ensure you choose the colors which work well for the required office space design. Blue can help in the stimulation of the mind while yellow tends to inspire creativity and green helps create a calming effect. Lighter and brighter colors help keep the ambience lively and refreshing. Do not go for black, deep brown, dark green that drains your freshness and enthusiasm.

Following the above-mentioned tips can help in the increase of productivity. Employees find it convenient to use technology. This should be incorporated in an office design. An ideal office design tends to enhance the value of your brand as it reflects the type of business you are operating. Besides, it can create a long-lasting impression on your clients. Choose a designer who can offer you an apt office design so that you can stimulate not just the staff, but also the customers and clients who visit the office. It is wiser to spend that little bit more and go on to make a productive office atmosphere than waste money, time and effort by saving money with a shoddy interior work that puts off anyone who steps in day in and day out.

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