Be noticed at your First Interview- Know how!

Have you been looking for ways to stack the deck in your favor when looking for work? Nowadays, it is quite easy to apply for jobs across the globe by the help of the internet and numerous websites that connect both employer and employees through a common medium. Whatever be your capability and apply for a job anywhere in the world, one always has to face an interview.

The first interview is always the one that you’ll remember your entire life and will impact on your personality, making you a better more confident person.

I had started working after completing my post graduation while I have seen others getting down to jobs after graduation itself. I was way too nervous when I got my first call for the interview after clearing the written and telephonic tests. I got the job because of various reasons except my knowledge and understanding. Know more about it below.

Here are the excerpts of being noticed at your first interview and they’re practical as well as easy enough for you to implement.

Work on how you dress up
The first impression might not be the last one but it definitely matters a lot when it comes to your first face-off with an organization. Spend enough time in the bathroom grooming yourself to the best and dress in to impress the management. Trust me! It matters a lot! No matter how you dress up when you land the job but the first encounter has to be stylish and up to the mark.

Be a listener and be to the point
No company wants a jabbery-chatterbox! The entire time when you are waiting for your turn to come for the interview, make sure you stay quiet and introspect. Do not fiddle with your phone a lot and make sure you concentrate on yourself rather than what’s happening with the others. Even when you go to the cabin where you’ll be questioned, just be to the point. Remember, it is a dialogue and not a monolog where you keep on going and going. A less-talkative person is considered more beneficial for the company rather than the one who spends his day chattering.

Don’t fool the interviewer with your resume
When a company is trying to recruit you, they’ll do everything to make sure a wrong person is not hired. Hence, they’ll take a glance at your resume and question you about your resume. You lack somewhere, you don’t stand a chance to be there. Be truthful while you design the resume and make sure that every detail that goes up there- is 100% true.

Look enthusiastic
When you’ve done your homework well, you are ready for the interview and anything that comes your way. The confidence walks in when you know a lot about the company and everything that makes it what it is today. Don’t look so dull and bored but make sure you have a smile on your face while you are in conversation with the interviewer(s).

Your presence of mind matters- a lot!
If you’ve been a lazy lad all this time, you need to buckle up your shoes and get ready to show some presence of mind. Who needs an employee who gives late reactions? How quickly you gather the resources and react to what is been asked is what calls for your presence of mind. 

At the end of the day you, you may or may not get hired. It’s just how it is. Not all blind dates work out great either, right?

But, these tips will definitely get you noticed among the other contenders appearing for the same position.

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