6 Simple Ways On How To Treat Baby Acne

Looking after a newborn baby never seems to be an easy task although you have had a complete knowledge and have gained long experience in this field. Obviously, a baby cannot talk, and that will make you fumbling when something happens to him or her.

One of the most common problems that parents must handle with is baby acne. If you are about to become a parent, or you are looking for something like simple ways on how to treat baby acne, the today article is definitely for you.

What is baby acne?


This skin condition is referred as small red pimples or rash that appear on a baby’s body or face. The acne, commonly, will vanish after a few days without any treatment. However, parents should differentiate between acne and milia.
The acne might develop on all parts of the baby’s body. It commonly breaks out on the face and the cheeks. However, some infants could have acne on their back.

How does it look like?

The acne often develops after a few weeks since the baby was born. It is quite bumpy and has red pimples or bumps. Sometimes, the acne has the same color as your baby’s skin. The pimples will become particularly marked if the infant cries or gets angry.

What are root causes of baby acne?

In fact, baby acne has familiar causes to other sorts of acne, which are hormone, bacteria, and oil. It is thought that the main reason is the combination of mother’s hormone, which is still lingering, and the oil on the infant’s skin.
Nevertheless, your baby might come out in a rash, which parents are often confused with baby acne. It is mostly heat rash or pacifier rash. Some infants have an allergic reaction to the pacifier’s elements, so ensure that you are choosing safe pacifiers for your baby.
Normally, your child’s skin condition will be worst during his or her first month, it lasts only one month, and probably three months to the maximum. However, if it does not disappear after several months, you had better see a doctor as that might be other skin conditions.

How should baby acne be treated?

Remember that baby acne will clear up after a few months without causing any discomfort to your baby. However, there are easy ways that could help you keep the baby’s skin healthy.

#1. Keep the face clean

Clean your baby’s face every day by using a washcloth and warm water since it is soothing and gentle. Bath time is a perfect time in the day to do it. Watch the following video for useful technique in baby’s face cleaning.

#2. Do not scrub
Do not try to scrub your baby’s skin because it will make his or her skin more sensitive and the acne worse. Instead, you should gently and quickly sweep the washcloth over your baby’s face.

#3. Do not pinch

As mentioned above, baby acne does not harm your child, and your baby’s skin is very sensitive, so do not pinch or squeeze the acne. Furthermore, squeezing will get his or her skin exasperated.

#4. Avoid using lotions

Moisturizing creams and lotions could block the baby’s pores which will lead to a more serious skin condition, so limit using them to your child. 

#5. Choose a gentle cleanser

If you think that you should utilize a cleansing product to your baby, so choose a tear-free and gentle version and try to avoid his or her eyes.

#6. Acne medication prohibited

Some parents are too worried, and they want to clear the baby acne up immediately because they think it is negative. Therefore, they go to local pharmacies to buy acne medications containing components such as benzoyl peroxide on the baby’s skin.
Those are six simple ways on how to treat baby acne that you can apply for your baby. I hope that as parents, you love and find this article useful. Again, you need to remember that baby acne is harmless and it will resolve by itself after a few weeks. In case you have some confusion about what is happening to your child, consult with a qualified doctor instead of interfering. If you have any other ideas, leave a comment to discuss with other readers.

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