Top 8 Solo Travel Tips For Women Which Will Guarantee Them Safety And Security

It can be quite intimidating for any woman to explore any new location while traveling solo and this is due to several unavoidable reasons. However, lots of females travel alone in many places all over the world that are absolutely unknown to them.
It is a fact that one cannot expect any friend or relative to accompany you while you are traveling abroad, but this should not prevent you from going to any place where you want to spend your vacation in a pleasurable way. Below we have mentioned 8 outdoor tips that will help any lady to travel all by herself confidently as well as safely.

1. Perform your research meticulously before the tour

It is advisable to aware of the required information regarding the place before planning to visit it and also you must inquire about the religion, tradition as well as the present political scenario in that country. You can take the help of various travel sites for obtaining the required information prior to heading over to any foreign country. For instance, you can understand the attitude of men towards the females in that particular nation.
Moreover, you can get a fair idea regarding what type of costumes the females wear in that country. Bear in mind that whatever you do you must be careful while preparing for the tour. Apart from this, it is imperative to give proper attention to the regulations while traveling in Buddhist countries like Cambodia, Thailand, and Laos.

2. Safety should be given the first priority

When it comes to safety tips, you need to understand exactly where you are going and also how you are going to reach there. Furthermore, make it a point to let your buddies back home be aware of the fact that you have already reached the place and where you actually staying. When everything is settled, try not to escape from the crowd and instead, stay in the main city.

 It is advisable not to be secluded which might prove to be detrimental in the long run. Take the aid of the travel agencies and also do not follow directions given by the strangers on the road. Try to purchase a handbag which has got many pockets and always keep at least $20 with you which you might require in case of any emergency situation. Take proper medical precautions in case you are feeling sick and also always keep yourself hydrated while going out in the sun.

3. Use safe transportation

While traveling always try to avail of safe and easy transportation. In order to avoid unnecessary commotion try to book the flight ticket at least 2 months in advance particularly during the tourist season. In fact, the most popular transport for any tourist happens to be a taxi. However, recently there have been lots of taxi scams all over the world since lots of tourists get harassed because the drivers often demand more money which might sometimes even lead to fighting.
Therefore, it is advisable to hire a taxi from a reputed travel agency. It will be a smart idea to ask your hotel receptionist to get a taxi for you at a reasonable rate or he might even give you the phone number of a trustworthy cab driver. In fact, you must not hire any cab on the road which may lead you to unwanted trouble later on.

4. Selecting a hotel

While staying at any particular hotel pick one featuring interior hallways instead of rooms with doors which open on to the parking area directly. Moreover, you should be prepared with a door brace or a security door stop while putting up in a small hotel lacking a reliable key system. While both these items are going to fit in your suitcase without any problem, they will also make it almost impossible for anyone to enter into your room in your absence. Also, do not forget to hang the “Do Not Disturb” sign whenever you are not in your room which should definitely prevent any burglar from trespassing inside.

Apart from this, make sure to lock all the doors and windows while you are away. Do not forget to ask the gatekeeper to escort you while you are returning to your hotel late at night. Once you are inside your room do not open the door without being certain regarding exactly who is knocking.

5. Cash and Other Important Documents

Before commencing your journey, empty your wallet leaving all your important documents at your residence. Thus even if your wallet gets stolen during the trip your main documents are going to be safe. Apart from this, try not to keep all your cash in a single place while traveling alone.

 Also, keep some money with you ready which you might need while traveling to any location or in case you like to eat something on the road. Refrain from counting your money openly in the public which might invite thieves to get hold of the cash forcibly.

6. What you must wear

Try to pack minimum luggage since excess luggage might make you immobile and more dependent on others for help. Put on inexpensive clothes and avoid wearing any vibrant colors or even any tight-fitting attire which might result in unwanted attraction from men on the road.

7. How to mingle with people

It is crucial to be aware of the local tradition whenever you are visiting any new country. Try to mingle with the local individuals freely and also practice what they actually practice themselves.

 Although you might be an introvert, try to converse with the locals as well as your hotel staff in a friendly manner so that they accept you as a pleasant individual and you will also be able to understand precisely how the locals behave in that particular area.

8. How to spend your time alone

A positive aspect of traveling all by yourself is that you have got the freedom to do anything you wish anytime, anywhere. As a matter of fact, you're going to find plenty of time to look after yourself whether you are on a city bus or maybe a cab while traveling.
You can also use your free time for writing any blog or article regarding your experience in that particular country. One more activity which you can indulge in would be to take photographs of the interesting things that you are going to visit during the trip.

Thus it is evident from the above-mentioned facts that you will be able to travel all by yourself in any unknown country provided you are confident and are aware of the rules and regulations of that particular nation.

Furthermore, it will be a smart idea to bring with you some essential items which you might require during your vacation. One of them will be an eco-friendly waterproofing spray which will help to protect your fabrics from the rain as well as from staining. Therefore, it is essential to choose the waterproofing spray prior to commencing your voyage.

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