Top 10 Benefits Of CrossFit Workout

We all have done that. Woke up a day and decided it’s time. Time to bring your body into shape and time to hit the gym or start off with some exercise. With bottles of adrenaline pumped within, we just start jump start with our high set motivation. But, soon afterwards, just like the adrenaline, our motivation slumps down and we just give up, bored and unhappy. Bored of spending hours working out, and sad to see no significant output of those hours.
We are the millennial generation and we want results, and we want them asap. And for that, there is cross-fit. Cross-fits a workout routine of constantly varied exercises which are of high intensity and uses high functional movements. To put it out bluntly, it's not sticking to a workout routine, but rather exploring into new routines everyday, so as to increase body movements. The top benefits of crossfit workout are:

1. See It Burn

The biggest reason why most quit exercising, due not because of the level of effort it requires, but because of the patience it requires to show results. Crossfit being a highly active workout type shows results pretty quick and is an absolute best way to lose some extra mass right before a special wedding, meeting or date. 

2. No set mark

The biggest secret to working out everyday, is regularity. But, if you don’t eat the same thing everyday, why do the same sets of exercise everyday? Rather, spruce it up with crossfit. Crossfit uses a combination of weigh lifting, cardio and gymnastics to give you a whole lot of variety in your workout palate. And since everyday you do something new, there is no question of working more than what you did yesterday. Everyday is a new game.

3. Work less, work fast
Time is a crucial being in the lives of everybody. We literally run against time to get everything done right. In such situations spending hours for morning walks might not be possible for all, and moreover takes a long time to show some outcome. Crossfit workouts are high paced and mostly of around an hour and half. 

4. Gets the blood pumping

The combination of exercises used in crossfit workouts increases blood flow in the body, which is a great way to increase respiration. Elevating the heart rate helps in increasing endurance level. 

5. Increased flexibility
These workouts makes one more agile, increasing their speed and stamina. With continuous shift from variety of workouts, crossfit makes you more flexible not just on a physical level but also on a mental level. When you are mentally preparing your body to accept the change of exercise mode and adapt to it, it helps you develop your your adaptive qualities in your personal life. 

6. Get your ironhands ready

One of the best parts of Crossfit body transformation for men specially is the incorporation of weight lifting. Crossfit uses a lot of weightlifting workout routines as a mode of workout. This results in increased muscle power and is a great way to make those biceps become visible.

7. Makes up a good appetite
Most workouts start off with skipping meals and staying on strict diets. But crossfit being a heavy workout type, incorporates all essential nutrition to the crossfit diet plan, as you need to eat enough to burn the right fat. Moreover, even if you decide to sin and indulge into some high calorie intake, you can always make some changes in your workout and shed it off fast, because crossfit has no fixed routine.

8. Flex your reflexes

Crossfit gives you more agility, which makes your reflexes more sharp. This increase in response rate is a high factor of survival in today’s life. One had to react fast to change and react fast to opportunities.

9. Tones up the whole body

Mostly we choose the type of workout based on the area where we have those extra pounds hanging. But crossfit imbibes a combination of workouts which instead of focusing on a single area tones up the entire body into perfect shape.

10. Gives balance

By balance, we mean both balancing on your legs and balancing your life. Crossfit’s unique method makes you shift from one exercise to another which helps in calming and pacing the body as required. The same thing, when you do to your inner mind will help you find peace at times of conflict.

Crossfit is gaining high acceptance across the globe due to its ability to show quick results and its unique style of workout which gets the whole body worked up. But as most workouts the biggest problem of crossfit workout is the fact that it requires a lot of energy and dedication, which demotivates most to take it up. But once you get a hang of it, it becomes quite fun, doing new routines everyday. Many places have communities where people workout together to keep the process more engrossing.

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