Top-10 Online Education Trends

In the past few years, online education has become a real breakthrough in a world of distance learning. Today, more and more students prefer Internet education to traditional one, enrolling in online courses. The world of digital technologies has innovated not only the educational system itself but also changed the approach to learning. Employees have changed traditional degrees on alternative credentials, as more and more employers accept degrees and e-learning certificates. Web learning gives an opportunity to close the skills gap, especially in new, fast growing fields like software development, human resources, and cyber-security. Each year is crucial for the training and development, and you can visit CustomWriting to check out the best 10 online education trends in 2017.

Traditional degree vs. alternative credentials
Today more and more credentials are in popular demand for employers and recruiting companies on the web. Soon online course certificates will become a prerequisite on resumes regardless of institution it is issued. The educational analyst explains such innovations with more competitiveness of alternative credentials comparing to traditional diplomas. A graduate who gets credentials may have much more marketable skills than a student who chooses traditional education.

Online education is boundless
One of the most important pros of online education is its accessibility from every corner of the world. To get a certificate about finishing the course at Coursera platform, all you need is your access to the Internet and good level of English. Such access to flexible studying opens new possibilities for talented people to gain knowledge in fast-developing fields and become noticed by companies.

Online courses partnership
The Coursera resource provides employees-to-be with so called specializations for which a student can get a certificate. In recent years these specializations are on the top of the credentials listed in LinkedIn profiles. But in fact, all these courses are non-exclusive due to the partnership of different providers of online higher education and e-learning. For example, Wharton, work in close collaboration with both edX and Coursera.

Visual tools are booming
The digital era has a significant impact on online education. Due to the appearance of visual tools, it is getting much easier to explain a 150-page chapter of theory in 3 or 4 minutes of video. The role of video cannot be underestimated because it makes an academic life of millions of online learners easier and their studying less painful. You have an online access to lecture recordings and supplementary videos, instead of hours of reading through text that you have a hard time understanding.

Mobile App must have
The key word of the e-learning is flexibility. Most of the training courses provide online lessons not only on the websites but also through a mobile app, which is an absolute must-have for those, who cares about their time and make learning a flexible and convenient process. The usage of a cell-phone in your teaching is a nice solution especially for students who are on-go with modern technologies.

Distance education saves time
It takes time and efforts for the traditional University to set up a new educational program or training course in specialized fields. The advantage of e-learning is that it is possible to get to know as much as possible in every specialized course within a minimum of time. Distance education saves your time giving valuable knowledge instead.

Online education is about knowledge
Students who get a degree in universities know for sure that most of the courses in classic education are about theory, but not about practical skills. Most of learnt information is useless and gives only general impression of how it works in real life. Such courses are about life and usage of knowledge in practice. Comparing to university education, the data of online education gives an opportunity to close the skills gap.

Online courses as training for employees
The employers and HR leaders pay attention to online courses not only as the benefit to the resume but also as the means of training their own staff. Applying to distance learning allows to change a specialization of workers to more specific one or even refresh their knowledge about the learned field.

It is never late to learn
Online learning and training courses are dynamic and comprehensive. Any skills or knowledge you get from such education will always benefit you a learner of program development or artificial intelligence course. A good learner is always a winner.

Low entry barriers

In terms of the system of web training, you don’t have to have any certificates of graduating from college or the Bachelor degree. You may not have education at all and still enroll in online classes, so almost anyone can play.

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