How to Not to Write A Boring Business Blog

Currently, having a blog is close to being a necessity for businesses. Well, it’s an excellent way of keeping in touch with clients and a great marketing tool. However, a lot of businesses find maintaining such blogs a big challenge for them, especially when it comes to content. They regularly require good quality and original content that will be interesting enough to keep their audience entertained. It’s a rather delicate matter since poor, boring content will do the opposite of bringing in more customers. Therefore, businesses have an important task of ensuring that they maintain an interesting blog.

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How can one not write a boring business blog? Here are a couple of ways to accomplish this very simple job: 

Have a Target Audience

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A blog is only effective if there’s an audience, otherwise, it won’t have any relevance. A business blog serves to communicate to its regular customers and those who may be interested in acquiring their services. They are the audience of the blog and form the basis of the content that will be put up. Having a target audience makes writing the blog easier while still keeping the content interesting.
Not having a specific target audience in mind means that most of your posted material may not be of any relevance or significance to your audience. Therefore, businesses need to first identify their particular customers before having a blog.
Keep the Content Interesting and Informative
The secret to maintaining a successful blog lies with the content. Content is what will bring the audience and increase traffic to your site. When it comes to content it’s important to look at a number of factors, which include:
·       The relevance of the content
·       Originality, basically not copying material that already exists
·       Making the content interesting
·       How the information posted benefits your readers, among other things
To maintain readers on your blog, you first need to provide them with information that will and can be advantageous to them, while at the same time keeping them entertained. Focus on packaging information in an interesting manner!

Varying Content

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Think of this as having a balanced diet. Well, blogs almost have the same principle. The same way you’d mix up your meals is the same way you mix up content on your blog. Take an example of having strawberry cake daily, as much as you may love it, it isn’t healthy and you’ll definitely end up getting bored. The same as blogs. Vary the content and also how it’s presented. There are numerous ways to do this, which includes using infographics, pictures, videos, writing, tables, and so much more. It’s basically up to a business to choose what works for them.
In terms of the content, you could discuss emerging trends, debunk myths, talk on customer personal experiences, hold interviews with experts, and even have guest posts. Businesses need to focus on getting content, and not just any, but valuable material!

Who Are You?

Blogs put emphasis on people. Your business blog ought to do the same. One way of letting people know that your blog is meant for them is by showing them who you are and what you stand for. This is an excellent way of building that relationship with your customers. Businesses use blogs as a platform for communicating who they are, and in the process growing their popularity which results in more customers and ultimately increased revenue.
If you believe in your business and have so much enthusiasm, then you won’t have a problem working on your blog, because all you need to do is communicate the same belief and enthusiasm in your articles. Your blog will definitely be just as interesting.
 Avoid “Simple Mistakes”

I may be referring to these mistakes as “simple” but they are grievous. Simple because at the stage of maintaining a business blog, it is the assumption that some errors are way below the standards of any business. But grievous because they may tarnish the image of any business. These are simple language mistakes in grammar, spellings, punctuations, sentence structure and flow among others. It’s unforgivable to post material that’s not grammatically correct and some readers find this very offensive. Therefore, editing and proofreading your blog posts prior to publishing them is an important step that must not be skipped whatever the circumstances.
 Have Fun!

It may be challenging, but have fun while at it - credit
It’s difficult to think of writing as being fun at all, but it can be fun. Attitude is what makes all the difference. A business blog is meant to be fun and informative, and the simplest way to do so is by viewing it in a different light, not as some boring and challenging task. Change your attitude. View it as fun and your blog will become just as interesting. What many businesses don’t recognize is that our attitude and perception plays a significant role in the quality of content that we post.


A business blog, irrespective of what line of business can be interesting. An accounting, or Law firm, or a dental practice can all have a not so boring blog. It all comes down to attitude and perception. It’s the responsibility of businesses to find the most relevant and appropriate manner to package information in a way that will draw customers, keep them entertained and hooked. It’s a fun process when we embrace it and realize that it’s currently one of the best marketing and SEO tools for businesses. They, therefore ought to take full advantage of the opportunity.

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