10 benefits of CRM software and how to choose one

Taking care of your customer is basically taking care of business and ensuring you get maximum profitability. While many strive to get more and more new customers, those who have been in the trade for long know that it is more crucial to develop long lasting relationships with your existing customers. This is due to the fact that a good word by a customer and bring in new customers and a good relationship with a customer will result in him being a repeat customer.

  But everyone’s need and way of relationship management is different. So when you need to get a Customer Relationship Management Software for yourself you need to keep three simple questions.

  -  What is my need to engage with my customer?
  -   What do you expect out of your CRM software?
  -  Is my CRM software able to complete all my CRM needs?

These three basic questions will help you get a better grasp of what you expect and what you should invest in order to get expected return. There are dozens of CRM software in the market, but you need to find one that matches your needs. The software you choose will differ based upon the industry you operate in and the types of customers you deal with. For example, rethinkcrm.com is CRM software, essentially for those in the real estate business. Likewise, other industries have their own. Big shot corporations create their own CRM software, but for small enterprises that will not be cost effective. So, if you’re planning to cater to your clients, and build up relationships with them read these 10 reasons and stay rest assured that you are on the right track.

1.     Tracking Clients
Having a CRM software ensures you know who your clients are. For example every time you order a Domino’s pizza you need not provide your number and address because it’s already there in the system. Small things like this, like knowing your customer’s name helps them feel valuable to the company.

2.     New Promotions
When you know who your customers are and how to reach out to them, it brings down half the task of marketing. CRM software helps you to instantly send out promotions for new products to your clients entailing them about the new offers you got in stock for them.

3.     See where you’re going wrong
Grievance handling is crucial for any enterprise to survive.  Having CRM software can ease this process as the customer can easily register a grievance with the company and the same can be looked into.

4.     Provide personalized service

CRM software will entail you about the different needs and wants of your clients. Like, you can’t sell a toy gun to final year graduate or a geometry box to a toddler. With software like this, you can easily differentiate and cater accordingly.

5.     Increasing the loyal customer base
With CRM software you can stay in touch with your clients from time to time which will make them feel like a part of the enterprise.

6.     Analyzing performance
CRM software is a good way of analyzing your company’s marketing performance. It helps understand how many customers have switched brands and how many are still grounded to the company.

7.     Saving thousands on employment

CRM is not a new concept. It’s been used for ages. But until only recently did companies indulge into creating software for CRM. This has taken down manpower cost by a huge chuck as one software can do what may be you needed three employees to do.

8.     Seamless process
Introducing technology is basically increasing efficiency. When you introduce CRM software you can omit the mistakes that could have been made by humans.

9.     Instant response to client problems
One of the biggest advantages of this software is that it reduces the response time. The company gets instant update of client problems and can address it instantly, which otherwise would have taken days in the manual system.

10.  Attracting new potential customers
The ultimate goal of your business is to increase profitability by increasing sales volume. When you have good relationship with your existing customers they themselves will market your brand to the world, thereby attracting more potential customers.

         CRM has been and will always be very important both to the customer as well as the business. It ensures repeat buyers and adds more value to the company.

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