10 Best Educational Apps for iPhone and Android

Nowadays, at the age of information surfeit, many students face a problem of lack of time and procrastination – the two sides of one coin. They procrastinate when they are lost in this ocean of diverse information, or try to comprehend all the information they absorb - and this makes them feel exhausted and confused.

The good news is that we can try to extract useful information, to normalize schedule of work and to form good study habits with the help of educational technology apps. The variety of students’ apps may also embarrass the smartphone users. We’ll try to illuminate some of the best apps 2016 for both platforms iOS and Android that are free for downloading.

1.    Focus Keeper
Do you want to train your skills and be focused on homework instead of searching for the best essay writing service online? A good method is proposed by the Focus Keeper app’s creators. The idea is to be fully concentrated on a current occupation or tasks without any distractions. After the 25 minutes passed, you may take a five minutes’ break – to make a cup of tea or some little physical exercises. First, you may treat this app as a game, but then you’ll see the productive results of this rhythmic work for sure. Make several rounds that will be enough for today and go ahead to try it!

2.    My Study Life
The main plus of this application is that it is cross-platforming. You can synchronize all your research notes about classes and homework at all your device. What is also remarkable that you obtain reminders about all your upcoming exams or events, all the unfinished tasks, and deadlines. All the information that is stored in this planner can be shared with your classmates and professors. This application can be used offline.

3.    Evernote
Evernote is a diversified planner and one the most popular for university time. You have an option to download pictures, documents of any formats, audio and video files, PDF, website links, etc. It is very convenient to plan study projects for groups and share your notes with others via this app. It is globally synchronized – the work started on one device can be finished on another.

4.    EasyBib
This is a citation’s generator. It would be very helpful for creating the accurate and right citations while writing an essay. All you need is to create an account on the web.

5.    StudyBlue Flashcards
It is another great example of helpful education apps. In fact, this is a quiz with a variety of cards that may transform long hours of road or other time of waiting for a productive study. What differentiates it from other quizzes apps is that you may find a lot of cards created by other students and teachers and share your own cards with others.

6.    Wolfram Alpha
First, this app became one of the best Android apps. Now it is available on iTunes. The tons of information on different themes and spheres are included in this application. All you need is to write your question. Try it! It works like magic!

7.    Chegg: Textbook
Buying all necessary books for preparing for an exam is too expensive. Moreover, some books you won’t open anymore after current semester ends. This excellent application provides you with a possibility to find any textbook or book you need right now. You can rent it for a little price for a week just to read and make some notes.

8.    Babylon Touch
An amazing, unusual version of a dictionary which may help you with learning foreign languages or can be irreplaceable at any voyage abroad. You should hold your device directly over a text and touch the world you want to know a translation – the Babylon will do everything instead of you.

9.    Wunderlist
Wunderlist was admitted as one of the top android apps 2016, is also free for download on iOS. This is the best “to-do list” application which is known for its simple and user-friendly interface.

10. TED

Not everybody knows that famous TED-talks are already available on phone apps stores. Now you may have fast access to thousands of brilliant videos from conferences from all over the world with the best experts and speakers!

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